6 top tips on how to find your love

3 March 2020

Are you single and looking for someone special to share your life with? Here are the top six tips provided by a personal matchmaker.

  1. The approach of ‘you’ll find love when you’re not looking’ is wrong in most cases. You might have heard the advice to stop looking to find love easier and more naturally. The logic behind this is that when you won’t be trying too hard, you’ll stop being obsessed & could look at the world with bigger freedom and less bias, see its beauty & spot people whom you wouldn’t spot in the ‘hard search’ regimen. But most singles who adopt this approach say it’s not working and they are still single. So, do try every day but don’t push it too hard & don’t consider just everyone to be your potential match.
  2. Go where people sharing your interests go. It could be a rock concert, library, train station, anonymous meetings, book reading club, matchmaking sites, or hikers club. Sharing the same interests is the finest driver of your ‘clicking’ with someone.
  3. What about your phone contact book? You could have several thousand contacts in your phone book. Investigate it: maybe, there is a potential in finding 1…n people, who would match you? Colleagues, friends, suppliers, pleasant business partners…
  4. Seek partnership, not romance. If you’re in your 30s and older, a partnership would be a better concrete to solidify your family than romantic interest because, at this age, you know much better what you need in life. Probably, it is financial and emotional stability that you cherish now the most.
  5. Every professional matchmaker will say that happy people attract other happy people. Are you cantankerous and grumpy? Well, no wonder people tend to walk around you to avoid catching your gloominess. Reverse your attitude and start smiling more often, especially to new people – and you’ll be excited about how many new contacts and acquaintances you will start having shortly.
  6. Take it as a rule not to fall in love with everyone to whom you’re sexually attracted. Short-living sexual attraction fades, leaving you wondering what you found in that guy. So give this relation a time until the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ go away completely to be able to reasonably estimate your feelings towards that person. And, if nothing great, be emotionally ready to break up easily if she or he is not the one.

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