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I spotted the profile of Daria routinely viewing others from the matchmaking catalog of Ukrainian ladies. She attracted me with a serious look in her eyes. It was something in every her picture that made me want to meet her in person, to hear her voice, to feel her touch. Not the last role in this desire was the shape of her body and her posh hair. Luckily for me, she liked me from the start, the same as I liked her. Soon, we started to have 5, 7, 10 video and voice calls every week and, finally, we agreed that I’d come to her city. She lived in Dnipro, a city in Ukraine. When we took our stroll in the city, she made an unbelievable contrast with her colorful character and smiling nature versus the monumental monolithic grayness of this Soviet-era city. Today, we live with Daria in Springfield, Illinois, where my entire family lives, as well as my cousins, aunts, and uncles.


Eva is such a Biblical name! But it is also one of the most beautiful names on Earth. I am happy to live with Eva, soon-to-be-my-wife. We are planning our wedding for 2 months already. And I can’t imagine living without her. It’s especially hard to believe that just 1.5 years ago, we didn’t know anything about each other. What brought us together is the matchmaking website, which offers men from all over the world to find a beauteous wife from one of the ex-USSR countries. They are all so much more flamboyant than Asians! And they’re definitely more liberated than stiff Europeans. Eva is one of the best girls I’ve ever seen in my life. She stands several heads above every local girl that I know in what’s called the quality of “wife material”. And we’ve already picked names for our three future children!


I am married to Hannah for 4 years. And I must tell you – these four years have brought me more happiness than 31 years did before I met her. I must thank for my overwhelming happiness to Katya Soroka – she is the most reasonable and serious matchmaker of all whom I met. During our conversation, we spent no less than 2 hours to build-up my matchmaking profile (personal, emotional, and psychological) to find a woman who’d match me the best. If that’s her approach to all of her clients, then I definitely expect her to make nearly 100% matches to everyone in her database! For me, Hannah was the fourth offer that Katya did. That’s not to say that the previous three were not good – but Hannah from Vinnytsia (Ukrainian city) was simply perfect! We spoke with Hannah via Skype for months… Our wedding ceremony was full of romance, on the shore of the ocean. Waves licking the sandy beach were perfect company for our wedding party that was also held there. On that evening, covered by the starry sky, our daughter Isabella was conceived. And now my heart is filled with endless warmth by seeing these two most important girls in my life.


There are women, with whom you make friends for years but you really don’t see them as wives. And there are those, which you immediately understand you want to love, have kids from, and spend your life with to its very last second… Veronica is just such. I met her at a personal matchmaking agency’s website, which I visited following the advertising banner. The site is packed with women from Ukraine and Russia. They all dramatically differ from Americans to the best – wonderful skin, great hair, model-like faces, and high education! Speaking to Veronica on chat and in the video was nothing challenging as she speaks English fine. I fell in love with her laughter, sonorous like a small lively river in a forest. When she smiled, her brisk eyes sparkled and she threw her head back in such an effortless gesture that it was impossible to resist her feminine nature! Now, her face is everything I see in my daydreams and when I sleep at night. Today, I’m asking her whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. And I’m doing it on my third visit to Lviv, her hometown in Ukraine.


I genuinely don’t understand folks who spend time for Asians when there are so many truly adorable Europeans! I met my Sofia when I was looking for someone really serious about marriage. She was simply my type and I loved everything about her (although she was brunette, not a blond as I wanted but that’s so nonsense!). I was lucky to find her on the website, which I found first by googling among many. Then I read so many positive pieces of feedback about it so it was simply stupid not to give it a try. Sofia immediately drew my attention – visually, intellectually, emotionally… We spent a long time speaking on Skype. In several months, I invited her to come to my city, Chelmsford (near London, the UK). And now I’m writing this short review of my story of happiness while looking at Sofia as she’s calmly sleeping in my bed… I’m happy!


I addressed Kateryna Soroka’s personal matchmaking agency to find a good wife by recommendation of my colleague Jack. I trust Jack in this because he showed me pictures of his friends who invited him to a grill party on one of the weekends – a family couple, where the wife was from Ukraine. She was so gorgeous and great-looking! And they were so happy together – like in Hollywood movies of the 1960s. I envied them and decided I want the same happiness for me. Kateryna offered me several great options of ladies who matched me the best (based on my profile and character). I spoke to them all via Telegram in video and voice before I had a meeting with two of them in person. One – in Kharkiv, another in Kyiv (Ukrainian cities). I zinged with Ivanna and since then, my heart belonged only to her. I made another – longer – visit to Ukraine and we had the most magnificent time in my life, hanging out in Kyiv. She made me a really good tour of her city and I was fascinated with its beauty no less than with the beauty and heart-openness of Ivanna. I am marrying her in September, as she said YES!


I was never hiding from women – vice versa, in fact, I was always surrounded by female attention. But that did not make me find “the one”, who’d fit for marriage. In my 27, I was completely ready to create a family but there was not a single real ‘wife material’ in my circle. In a while, I started to search online on specialized websites, where women were eager to find someone to marry. I spend 2 months on searches of women in Phoenix, my hometown. No good result for me. Then I broadened to the entire US. A few meetings within 6 months… They all were not a good match for me for various reasons. Then I’ve decided to skip the US and – more out of curiosity at first – Googled for women in Russia. I found a website filled with very beautiful girls. I stayed there, finding so many intelligent and really attractive options for me. Although this is a closed-access type of website, after some pondering and hesitation, I’ve decided to give it a try. And you know what? There gave me full information about 10 ladies very soon! I really couldn’t choose among them – they were all so gorgeous! After I picked three, I met them all in their native cities (turned out, they lived in Ukraine), making 1 large visit to their country. That was 2 weeks ago. Two of the three were so fine for me that I cannot choose between them. I literally cannot sleep, I love them both, Olga and Liza! Gosh, why there are so many beautiful women in Ukraine?!


I’d like to thank Sharman agency’s dating site for serious relationship for its professional help! It was my first experience with matchmaking services, so I felt like a little wet puppy. Experts assisted me from the very beginning. They helped me start communicating with 2 women who were 22 and 25 year old. The first one was quite smart and talkative but after the first video call, I understood that she is not the one. The second girl from the free dating site Anna was moderate and cute. There was a problem with the language because she was not very good at English. But she was so magnetic that it was not that important. We still develop our relations. In a week, it will be 3 months of our relations and I’m very proud to have such a girl by my side! I’m planning to send her flowers or something to surprise her. By the way, I started teaching her English a few months ago. And she keeps making real progress! Hope we’ll meet in real life soon and never fall apart after (I’m thinking she is the one)!


Being a 55-year-old widower, I almost lost my hope for happiness. Long depression made me look older and feel nothing but apathy. My close friends insisted to try matchmaking even though I was strongly against the idea of any kind of dating through the site for dating and communication. I was surprised to find women of various ages here. Moreover, the majority of them turned out to be very attractive to me. Sharman specialists helped a lot and selected suitable profiles for me to start communicating. After a few tries, I met Svetlana. It was so strange to find someone able to understand me after I lost my wife. We support our relations and regularly talk to each other on Skype. Svetlana introduced her kids to me (they are grown-ups already), and they were very friendly! I invited her to visit me on New Year as she told me she’d have holidays during that time. Our relations are quite calm and mature, it is not that mad love we could have in our youth. We’re more like friends but this is what I really need now. I’m glad that I agreed to try matchmaking because now I know that I’m not alone anymore. I’d like to thank Sharman dating site for relationships and the team working for me for their patience and assistance.


I used to be very skeptical about long-distance relations, various agencies, and girl dating sites. I came here on a dating site without registration just because my mate and I had a bet. I didn’t expect that things could change so fast. I found a woman and we started talking. I’ve never met anyone I could talk to for so long… In a few weeks, I realized that I was falling in love. Video calls became my every-day ‘must’ because she was already a part of my life. In half year, I offered her to move to my country. And she agreed! My fellow still keeps laughing at me for my skepticism. But it doesn’t matter because we are going to get married in a month. Thanks to Sharman best site for dating, I found my soulmate so fast. Even now, it seems to be a miracle.

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