Anti-Scam / Client Protection Policy

We strive to provide top-quality services to all our customers, both male and female and want them to feel safe on our site. For that purpose, we have launched the Anti-Scam / Client Protection Policy. We recommend reading the information below for your protection.

Dating safety tips from us

  1. Don’t provide your contact information, credit/debit cards details in correspondence. Exchange contact information only with women you have communicated on the site for the essential time. 
  2. After exchanging personal contact information, don’t send money or expensive gifts to members of the site at least before you meet in person.
  3. Try to communicate with members you have not a huge age difference with, not more than 10-15 years. 
  4. We recommend using our video chat option, which is at least a 30-minute Skype call to make sure the member is real, is interested in you, and looks as in the profile pictures. 
  5. Exchange photos during the process of your communication and ask personalized questions in letters. Ask as many details as possible, birthplace, pets names, questions about their families, friends, jobs, hobbies, etc.  
  6. Avoid communicating with members who after some time of communication start telling you about their financial difficulties, their cars being crashed, urgent surgeries they need, uncles who died, being robbed, etc. and asking you for help. Also, if a lady says she wants to come and meet you and doesn’t have money to do it, avoid sending her money, arrange all the tickets and bookings yourself or without the help of our service. 

 Anti-Scam Itinerary

Online dating is a very convenient and modern way of meeting each other nowadays. And unfortunately, the scam rate in that field is growing and reaching unbelievable extents. For that reason, we improve our services all the time and try to protect our customers as much as possible. 

Our anti-scam policy protects you round the clock and helps detect members with wrong intentions. If we detect suspicious activity on the site, we get in touch with both members, male and female to find out if that is the case of scam. If the member can’t be contacted, we decide to stop his or her membership until the situation is solved. 

Our experience, knowledge, and skills allow us to identify a scammer at the early stage and prevent you from being scammed. In the case of a scam, we make our investigation and guarantee you a money-back in case of the scam to be confirmed. 

Our dating site uses the newest software and encryption to protect your banking and personal information. We guarantee it will by no means be disclosed to the third parties. The security of our customers is our biggest investment while we are interested in our customers to find relationships instead of problems.

In case our measures failed to protect you as a customer, we are always to assist you and resolve the dispute between you and other member or members. We don’t provide money-back in the following cases:

  • If the Complainant didn’t report us about your suspicions about scam within 14 days after you started to suspect a scam.
  •  If a Respondent has not been in communication with the Complainant via our paid services for more than 30 days. 
  • If the Complainant expressly repudiated his agreement to our Terms of Use, applicable Policies or Procedures.
  • If the nature of complaint not capable of rectification by us, for example, the eventual outcome of your communication with the Respondent, the perceived attitude or inclination of further communication with the Complainant, as displayed by the Respondent. 

We welcome each our member both male and female to report us about the possible scam case.

How to report a scammer to the Sharman team?

If you have suspected a scam on, please get in touch with us within 14 days via one of the following means of communication

  • Email:

In your inquiry please include the following information: 

  • Your ID or email under which you are registered on our site.
  •  The ID of the possible scammer or scammers.
  • A detailed description of the situation which, in your opinion, is a scam.

What is not considered as a scam?

Based on our experience, we can that that the misunderstanding or confusion from the members’ communication is the main cause of complaints. Very often, such disputes are nothing more than a misunderstanding and can be solved amicably.

The following cases are not considered a dating scam:

  1. Mistakes in the translation of letters or a letter sent to a wrong recipient (it can be the technical or translator’s error). 
  2. One of the members called you a wrong name, this is a human factor.
  3. The member doesn’t reply to all your questions in a letter.
  4. The member uses a nickname or a diminutive-hypocoristic form of the name. 
  5. If the member decides to stop your communication on any level of your communication.
  6. If the member is registered on other dating sites.
  7. If you have communicated with the member on other dating sites and our site, the member didn’t recognize you. We don’t bear any responsibilities for the way the members’ profiles are used on other dating sites.
  8. If a member has a social network profile and doesn’t reply to your messages there before you exchanged contact information. 
  9. If a member has photos of friends, ex-partners, and family members, as well as other personal information on any social network.
  10. If a member wears rings on the fingers. Regardless of which finger it is on, wearing rings doesn’t mean the person is married.
  11. If a member decides to stop your communication in some time after you have exchanged personal contact info. 
  12. If the member refused to have relationships with you after a personal meeting due to a lack of connection or any other reason. 
  13. If the member refused to exchange personal contact information with you on some stage of communication due to the language barrier or for some other reasons.