Are you a single parent who wants to date? We have tips for you for a better outcome!

26 August 2021

Some of our readers are single parents. And they don’t want their life to stop – including personal. We in our Ukraine matchmaking service want to shower you with some useful tips on how to date while being a parent, for a better result.

  1. Inform your surrounding that you would like to date.

Don’t sit idle and wait until some great option of a partner falls into your hands (this may never happen). Go to places where other regular and single parents gather, inform your relatives and friends, and visit interest groups. Word of mouth should start working soon.

  1. Clarify your intentions.

It is surely hard to start dealing with people with intentions that don’t match yours – some want to befriend you, some want to hang out, others aren’t sure about their own future… While a large part of people will be filtered off, as you say you’re looking for someone reliable to create a family with and make a stepfather/stepmother for your children, this is not a drama but a good thing. In such a way, you’ll save your time dramatically and can focus on more suitable people.

  1. Go to a professional dating agency Ukraine, like ours.

Any decent and self-respecting matchmaking agency Ukraine has a database of pre-filtered people, looking for a partner to create a family with. They even agree on meeting some good person with children. Also, some people cannot have their own kids but want them, so this would be an additional opportunity.

  1. Be open and honest with your dates.

It is always a good thing to tell that you have children and can’t waste your time on passerby people. And since you know for sure what you want from a guy or girl and your mutual life, they will also feel much more confident about you since you don’t waste their time, which is also a precious thing. Being honest, in fact, according to our professional experience of a Ukrainian matchmaker, attracts more realistic matches than some bragging about what you do and what you have.

  1. Be honest with your children.

They take a large part of your life – and always will – but you’re building your life, too! So talk to them as often as you can to tell what you’re up to and what changes in their life might happen (with a large focus on positivity, surely).