Pretending to be someone you’re not is always disastrous for relations

12 October 2021

For over a decade of work of our Kharkov marriage agency, we have seen many disasters in relations of people who were pretending they are someone they’re not. Building something new on the basis of lies and distrust is one of the dirtiest undertakings that people do. Yet, unfortunately, it is one of the most […]

Most common dating mistakes (according to the matchmaking agency in Ukraine). Part III

7 October 2021

We’ve already spoken with you about the most common dating mistakes in our previous matchmaking agency Ukraine blog posts. Now, we continue this reading with new erroneous actions you should avoid while dating. Trying to change your date according to your preferences. This is one of the common mistakes, in many cases leading to break-up. […]

Modern terms used in dating in 2021 you need to know

2 October 2021

New words appear every year. The dating industry is also changing – we in Kharkov dating agency know it thanks to a decade of hands-on experience. Let’s explore some of the newly appeared terms, which your might have heard. Zumping: conducting a date through a video chat (for instance, through Zoom – hence the name […]

Dating a married man? This nearly certainly goes nowhere!

27 September 2021

Our Ukraine matchmaking service has been created to bring loving hearts together. Freed from relations hearts, we must say. If someone’s heart is taken by a spouse, you shan’t be Einstein to figure out that’s gonna lead you nowhere. Marred people are very restrained in the freedom of choice. Their name, reputation, wealth, children, and […]

How long does it take to fall in love?

22 September 2021

Most people (60%+ of women and 70%+ of men) believe that love at first sight exists. We in a professional matchmaking agency Kharkiv believe so, too! Why? Because we have seen as hundreds of couples fall in love instantly as they see each other. And we’re happy in our hearts that bringing people together that […]

When is it a good time to try to establish a deep connection with your partner?

17 September 2021

According to the experience of our Ukrainian matchmaking agency, many people try to force the evolution of things when they get to new relations. We’re trying to push too hard and too fast to get to the point of reciprocity, mutual trust, and that deep vulnerable connection we all strive to. For this, people start […]

Great ideas for your first date that are not a boring restaurant (part 2)

12 September 2021

The specialists of our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv have already written about some cool ideas for the first date. And now a part two is carefully delivered to you by our Kharkov marriage agency. Explore an arboretum or a botanical garden. Large cities on the planet have such places in abundance. If you don’t specifically […]

Great ideas for your first date that are not a boring restaurant (part 1)

7 September 2021

One of the most consuming tasks for our brainpower – although, a pleasant one, for sure – is picking a place for the first date. Specialists of our dating agency Ukraine have prepared for you a list of great first date options and we’d be happy if you find them thrilling. Visiting a farmer’s market. […]

How to deal with jealousy in relations?

1 September 2021

Who aren’t jealous? Scientists tell that jealousy is a normal evolutionary mechanism to protect “what’s yours.” But some of us are TOO jealous, right? And that becomes a major problem for some people, as they can’t live without being jealous of their partner to everything and everyone. We know that – in our professional work […]

How to date after divorce?

30 August 2021

We, as a professional Ukraine matchmaking service, fully understand that getting back to dating after a divorce is very hard. You might have lost your confidence, skills, pro-activity, or have forgotten what’s important to you personally. If you have children, it’s a topic for another conversation, though. In this article, we’d like to talk about […]

Internet dating slang and acronyms you need to know when dating in modern days

28 August 2021

It doesn’t matter where you start searching for a partner – in apps, on the Internet, or in physical reality. You’d still face some acronyms, abbreviations, and slang, which you might find hard to identify. Relax, though: our Ukraine matchmaking service has done some homework for you. It’s when you’re a spare option for someone […]

Are you a single parent who wants to date? We have tips for you for a better outcome!

26 August 2021

Some of our readers are single parents. And they don’t want their life to stop – including personal. We in our Ukraine matchmaking service want to shower you with some useful tips on how to date while being a parent, for a better result. Inform your surrounding that you would like to date. Don’t sit […]