Great ideas for your first date that are not a boring restaurant (part 1)

7 September 2021

One of the most consuming tasks for our brainpower – although, a pleasant one, for sure – is picking a place for the first date. Specialists of our dating agency Ukraine have prepared for you a list of great first date options and we’d be happy if you find them thrilling. Visiting a farmer’s market. […]

How to deal with jealousy in relations?

1 September 2021

Who aren’t jealous? Scientists tell that jealousy is a normal evolutionary mechanism to protect “what’s yours.” But some of us are TOO jealous, right? And that becomes a major problem for some people, as they can’t live without being jealous of their partner to everything and everyone. We know that – in our professional work […]

How to date after divorce?

30 August 2021

We, as a professional Ukraine matchmaking service, fully understand that getting back to dating after a divorce is very hard. You might have lost your confidence, skills, pro-activity, or have forgotten what’s important to you personally. If you have children, it’s a topic for another conversation, though. In this article, we’d like to talk about […]

Internet dating slang and acronyms you need to know when dating in modern days

28 August 2021

It doesn’t matter where you start searching for a partner – in apps, on the Internet, or in physical reality. You’d still face some acronyms, abbreviations, and slang, which you might find hard to identify. Relax, though: our Ukraine matchmaking service has done some homework for you. It’s when you’re a spare option for someone […]

Are you a single parent who wants to date? We have tips for you for a better outcome!

26 August 2021

Some of our readers are single parents. And they don’t want their life to stop – including personal. We in our Ukraine matchmaking service want to shower you with some useful tips on how to date while being a parent, for a better result. Inform your surrounding that you would like to date. Don’t sit […]

Do you need a professional matchmaker to find your love?

24 August 2021

Numerous factors stand in your way of finding love: pandemics’ lock-ups, fear, the reluctance of looking for someone because of so many efforts need to be spent on it, dating app fatigue, or other factors & their combination. Finding the right person is, probably, the biggest roulette in your life. Some people are lucky in […]

Should you break up with anybody who denies social distancing?

22 August 2021

Let’s presume, your romantic partner denies social distancing and/or doesn’t want to wear a mask during your date or hang-outs. Or it might be not someone you’re already dating with but a potential partner. During 2020 and 2021, many people started to refuse to see someone in person if people whom they’d meet won’t wear […]

How to define a gold digger?

20 August 2021

Any professional Ukrainian matchmaker faces tonnes of gold diggers in its practice. To help you filter out them quickly, our Ukraine matchmaking service agency has elaborated for you a list of signs that a person you date or see is a gold digger. A quick definition first. A gold digger is someone who enters into […]

Most common dating mistakes (according to the Ukraine matchmaking service). Part II

17 August 2021

You have read and loved our previous post about the most common dating mistakes. Here’s part two (as there are loads of mistakes in dating, after all) – prepared by our dating agency Ukraine specifically to highlight more of the common mistakes. 1. You date simply because you don’t want to be alone. You can’t […]

Most common dating mistakes (according to the Ukraine matchmaking service). Part I

14 August 2021

Just like in any other field of activity of a human, mistakes in dating aren’t avoided. Our dating agency Ukraine has summarized the extensive experience of our own, talked to experts and our clients, and now presents to your attention a list of most common dating mistakes, which you can avoid. After all, forewarned is […]

Don’t want to be single on a holiday? Here’s what you can do

11 August 2021

Holidays are coming and it seems like everyone around has fun and joy? But not you because you don’t have anyone to share the mood with? A professional Ukrainian matchmaker gives a couple of effective advice: Go to all holiday parties where you’re invited or where some of your friends going (but they have to […]

Making your first date more effective

20 July 2021

Countless relations failed to evolve because the first date was not a success. Professionals of our dating service know it in practice, which spans over a decade. So, our online marriage matching service has formulated for you the following tips to make your first date more effective. Make her interested in you. Although a date […]