Dating a married man? This nearly certainly goes nowhere!

27 September 2021

Our Ukraine matchmaking service has been created to bring loving hearts together. Freed from relations hearts, we must say. If someone’s heart is taken by a spouse, you shan’t be Einstein to figure out that’s gonna lead you nowhere.

Marred people are very restrained in the freedom of choice. Their name, reputation, wealth, children, and even job are in jeopardy if someone finds out, they are seeing someone while being married. That’s why such a highly respected Ukrainian matchmaking agency as ours always checks the marital status of all people registering with us. Below, we provide you the most frequent reasons why your relations with a married man are doomed to failure:

  • they only promise to divorce with their wife
  • you are a person of a second grade for them, to whom they pay attention while in a time freed from their home, wife, and children
  • you might be only a sex stand and emotional outlet for them, which they grab as a gulp of fresh air in their congested life
  • do you really getting anything out of those relations or you’re just a sex provider and a fancy partner for outdoor events?
  • ask your friends to look at your relations unbiased and tell you how they feel about it. Rather yes than no, they will tell you the same we’re telling you now.


So, in order to free yourself from highly effort-consuming relations without a clear benefit for you, the specialists of our Kharkov dating agency advise you to end those relations for the sake of freedom. Free your mind, body, and time. And this will let you be opened to new opportunities and people in your life. Unmarried people. Right people. Your people.

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