Does the height of a partner matter in dating?

1 November 2021

We in our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv continue to make you acquainted with interesting facts and knowledge that might someday play a crucial role in the development of your relationships. Our Kharkov marriage agency specialists have prepared for you another article, researching how height affects relations and desires of people. We’ve scanned through tonnes of sources and decided to submit this information in a concise form, only squeezing out the very juice for you.

According to a survey of 2014, about 50% of women only wanted to date a partner taller than they are. The female’s highest attention, according to data from one of the popular dating apps, received guys as tall as 6’-6’5” feet (180-200 cm). However, with that in mind, only 14% of the US men are 6’ and taller – which means that the disappointing overwhelming majority of men feel dissatisfied with their height (believing, they don’t match canons of beauty). The average men height in the US is 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm), and in the world in general (where data are available), the same is 5 feet 8 in (172.2 cm). The highest men’s height is in the Alps – 6 f 1 in (185.6 cm), the lowest is in East Timor – 5 ft 2+1⁄2 in (158.7 cm).

But since in the US, the average woman’s height is 5’3+1/2”, it means that pretty much all men are taller. And there is no single country in the world (where data are available), where men would be shorter than women on average. The biggest correlation is in the United Arab Emirates (men to women average height ratio): 1.11. In the US, it is 1.09, and in Ukraine, it is 1.07 (5’9” to 5’4+1/2”).
In other words, women do prefer dating tall partners but in real life, they do date others, agreeing to exclude the height option from their list of must-have demands.

But why do they tend to find taller ones in the first place? As the specialists of our Ukraine matchmaking service believe, it is caused by such a major factor as the need to feel protection by looking more feminine close to a male, who’s physically taller and thus, should be stronger. However, in modern days, being taller doesn’t actually correlate with being faster, stronger, or more sexually capable – medicine proves that. Thus, our Ukrainian matchmaking agency recommends ladies focus more on the personal qualities of men, such as the ability to emotionally correspond, support, and be more settling.