Don’t want to be single on a holiday? Here’s what you can do

11 August 2021

Holidays are coming and it seems like everyone around has fun and joy? But not you because you don’t have anyone to share the mood with? A professional Ukrainian matchmaker gives a couple of effective advice:

  1. Go to all holiday parties where you’re invited or where some of your friends going (but they have to invite you along so you don’t look stupid). A lot of positively-minded people gather on various raves, soirees, and jollies, and it’s only a matter of time and your personal charm to hook up with somebody there.
  2. If it’s one of those events, where huge crowds of people gather in some place (like on a Christmas eve around a Xmas tree or during Easter in one of numerous picnics), then, definitely, head your feet there. In a passionate whirlpool of positivity of people, someone might be looking for a close friend, just like you. So always be ready to flirt with a smile and look with some pretty or handsome stranger.
  3. What about your pet? If you have one, then walking the streets with your dog or meeting someone who has other species of pets could be the beginning of something big. While your pets become acquainted with one another, so could their owners 😉
  4. Take a sea or river cruise. We in our dating agency Ukraine strongly assured that the freedom-filled ambiance of such events predisposes to easygoing flirting and the rest of the associated stuff. That would be especially true if a cruise is created specifically for single hearts – then the outcome’s success strives to 100%.
  5. Check what’s going on in your city – it’s usually packed with all sorts of events. That’s where a large number of people meet.
  6. Do you have some adventurous friends who take rides or hike/trek to some places? That’s an ideal option to become friends with some of the participants of such undertakings (especially given that, as a rule, they last more than 1 day).
  7. Use professional services of our matchmaking agency Ukraine – we have thousands of options of singles, who’d be thrilled to find a match, just like you are.

As we believe in our Ukraine matchmaking service, everything around you can be filled with romanticism. But you have to give yourself a chance by visiting places and meeting people. And remember – the sleeping fox catches no poultry!