It’s not a secret that any woman appreciates attention so it’s not difficult to impress her with help of our list of gifts. Check this out! We will deliver any order in 5 days.

With such a wonderful gift, the level of demonstrated love is the highest, which a lady will immediately understand. A heart passionately colored in red is one of the most romantic ways to say, “I love you”.
A heart-shaped bouquet of red roses
48 Euro
If you really want to surprise a lady, presenting her with such a luxurious gift as a smartphone will add you a hundred points. You can choose the iPhone or Android and the amount of the purchase. The cheque and a picture of the lady holding her gift are reported to you.
A smartphone
500 Euro
Choose a beauty salon procedure to your or girl’s taste and give her wonderful relaxation, plunging her into the hands of beauty professionals! This can be a spa or anything other, which you find thrilling to give.
SPA/other beauty salon procedure
90 Euro
Pick a bottle of champagne or wine + a candy box and a white wicker basket serving as a gift wrap, which are supplemented by 7 red roses to show the passion in your heart!
Sweet gift of candies and champagne
110 Euro
This sweet-and-beautiful present is able to bring a fair share of sweetness to a girl’s life. Eating the chocolate with tea or coffee, she will recall you and her heart will start filling with warm affection to you…
Heart-shaped chocolate candies + 1 rose
58 Euro
Express the depth of your love by presenting a girl with a tablet on Mac or Android. You are free to choose the budget and the type of gift. As well as with other expensive gifts, you’re reported with a cheque and a picture of a happy owner holding it.
A smart tablet
580 Euro
Entertaining outdoor is important. Especially if she loves going to a theater! You can make your lady much happier by presenting her 2 tickets of any cost to any theater at her discretion.
2 tickets to a theater
65 Euro
Not all computers or mobile phones in Ukraine and Russia are advanced enough to run video chats. But this is super easy to correct! Simply present her a web camera – there is a zillion of USB-compatible models on the market!
A web camera to communicate with you on video
70 Euro
A wicker basket filled with 101 fragrant flowers of the purest color in the world, white. She will highly appreciate such a gift and will easily understand the blast of your feelings!
101 white roses
320 Euro
Seventy-one tender roses with a long stem covered in a gift wrap is an excellent choice for her, especially if she adores making various photosets. This is an extremely Instagrammable present!
71 white roses
220 Euro

It is not a secret that any woman likes gifts, flowers, and cute things. They can impress her and melt her heart. Sharman Agency’s dating site for serious relationship experts know what every lady wants. We understand their tastes, preferences, and can select a perfect gift for any woman (and advise you to pick one or several).

Our delivery service for communication and dating will work for you and let you both enjoy the results. You lady hardly expects to get something from you when you are so far away. Surprise her with one of our gifts:

  • Flowers (we recommend roses in most cases because these red flowers help impress with the deepest affection)
  • Chocolates (send the chocolates of the highest quality to your lady if she is a sweet tooth)
  • Toys (a lovely teddy bear will become a wonderful reminder of you for her)
  • Fruit baskets (fresh exotic fruits are what any girl will appreciate)
  • Perfumes (the smell is always something special, exciting memories).

You can choose the colors, a number of presents, and compositions by yourself to make your gift special and to show you wanna dating for serious relationship.

Time of delivery

You are definitely interested in the time required to deliver your gift. We understand that women who want dating for marriage don’t like waiting for too long. They might lose their interest. That’s why we made everything possible to make the delivery fast. We guarantee it will take not more than 5 days.