Great ideas for your first date that are not a boring restaurant (part 1)

7 September 2021

One of the most consuming tasks for our brainpower – although, a pleasant one, for sure – is picking a place for the first date. Specialists of our dating agency Ukraine have prepared for you a list of great first date options and we’d be happy if you find them thrilling.

  1. Visiting a farmer’s market. Explore the fresh produce of farmers and smell the chemicals-and-pesticides-free vegetables, fruits, and greenery. In addition to being able to buy something for your mutual – and healthy! – dinner (which you could prepare with your hands on the very same evening), you could grab some prepared foods to eat on the spot.
  2. Taking a class on something you both find cool. Alternatively, pick something that’s cool for everybody – like a mixology class. Here, you will learn how to properly mix drinks and alcoholic beverages to make yummy and refreshing cocktails. Picking it, you will have plenty of time to chat with one another while being immersed in the class.
  3. Play a tourist. Does someone of you know a city/district well and another doesn’t? That’s a fabulous opportunity to walk the streets, seeing nice places, and discovering the richness of the area, as we believe in the matchmaking agency in Ukraine! In addition to various architecture and little cute stores, you could grab meals in occasional diners and drink coffee here and there.
  4. Visit a college sports game. It is usually great fun and drives in a lot of energy! All those cheerleaders and roaring crowd with 90%+ young blood and faces, the ability to take some booze and snacks with you – these all make your time super positive!
  5. Go to a fortuneteller. Whilst not a consumption for your entire time of the date, this may be a quaint addition to it, your touch to something metaphysical. Also, it could boost up the development of your relations if a fortuneteller tells you two something encouraging.
  6. Take a tour of the brewery, winery, or cheese-making factory. A day filled with out-of-ordinary emotions and new knowledge is exactly what will be recalled by your date through the years!

We in our matchmaking agency Ukraine have more ideas about first dates and will tell you them in the next blog post. Subscribe to our blog lead by professionals of a matchmaking agency Kharkiv and discover loads of fun and useful information!