Great ideas for your first date that are not a boring restaurant (part 2)

12 September 2021

The specialists of our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv have already written about some cool ideas for the first date. And now a part two is carefully delivered to you by our Kharkov marriage agency.

  1. Explore an arboretum or a botanical garden. Large cities on the planet have such places in abundance. If you don’t specifically have these, there are numerous substitutions, like a zoo, a fancy park, some eco/green-related exhibition, public aquarium, terrarium, or similar venues. While strolling there in your stride, you will have much time for a relaxed conversation.
  2. Both of you have dogs? Then taking them for a walk could perfectly give you from hour to a day of mutually fruitful conversation (and who knows where it might end…).
  3. Chocolate/coffee factory or craft production. Such places are filled with an amazing aroma, making your blood whirl and want more romantics. If you’re fascinated by other production processes that give scent, interest, and whopping emotions, then you could think of an aroma candles factory or visiting a greenhouse or farm where some exotic fruits are grown – their smell is more than amazing. You will also discover a process of production/farming, which will significantly add up to your chat & experience of a date.
  4. How about an art gallery or a museum? Our Ukraine matchmaking service finds these places very relevant for many of our clients and friends. Galleries’ calmness is very prone to having a quiet and unhurried chat. Additionally, you will discover the level of erudition of your partner.
  5. Take a picnic. Delicious snacks in the fresh air are definitely about relaxation and a great pastime.
  6. Hike or trek. Pay attention that while hiking is more like a casual long walk, trekking is more about tiresome physical activity. So pick wisely.
  7. An open mic night. No, you don’t have to become a standup comedian to impress your girl. What we in the Ukrainian matchmaking agency mean here is that you two visit such a place to have fun listening to beginning comedians. This is definitely more than just a plain date, and in the case of awkward pauses in your conversation, they can always be filled with humorous words descending from the stage.