How long does it take to fall in love?

22 September 2021

Most people (60%+ of women and 70%+ of men) believe that love at first sight exists. We in a professional matchmaking agency Kharkiv believe so, too! Why? Because we have seen as hundreds of couples fall in love instantly as they see each other. And we’re happy in our hearts that bringing people together that we work on in our matchmaking agency in Ukraine helps ignite such a flame at a glance!

However, now, there is a medicinal background for such a belief: according to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it takes in people’s brains only 0.2 seconds to produce the chemicals signalizing the arousal of the ‘love at first sight’. That given, all those stories of a love inflaming in a blink of an eye are true!

That, however, is not “love” as we’d call it in our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv. This is passion and lust, not love. From the scientific point of view, surely.

When you see a person who really, really matches you well based on an only-our-brain-knows-what set of criteria – we’re immediately signalized this person fits our physiology the best. It may be some evanescent smell of a guy or gal coupled with their facial beauty, hormones, and bodily shapes. Nobody knows for sure today the entire reasoning chain, even scientists. But what we can tell for sure – this type of immediate attraction is lust.

And that is what the heroes of the “Romeo and Juliet” had experienced, too! Despite all those sugary and watery words throughout the poem, these two actually have slept together after their secret marriage (act 2, scene 5, when they wake up in the same bed). We in Kharkov marriage agency believe this is a direct consequence of their hormonal type of affection, which gives birth only to lust & sex. This, according to science, is the evolutionary needed reasoning to humans to produce offspring with the right partner.

Now as you know that love at first sight is actually lust at first sight, your night sleep can improve and you will be focused more on finding love with somebody rather than finding lust.