How to attract a woman

1 July 2021

Every professional dating service, like ours, knows that attracting a woman is one of the trickiest and hardest questions for every man, of any social position, wealth, and life outlook. Men are very afraid to fail in meeting a woman, gaining her attention, and arouse her interest. That’s why our dating agency provides below effective pieces of advice on how to attract a woman and retain her interest.

  1. Work on your confidence and self-esteem. If you are denied by many women because of excess weight or bad breath, then it is obvious you have to go to a gym or fix your teeth at the dentist. Have a poor style? Hire a style consultant and shop for new clothes. Unconfident? Take classes where they teach to be confident. The thing is that 95% of your flaws are correctible and they’ll raise your self-esteem nearly automatically. Simply start working on them.
  2. Favorably present your perfections and hide your imperfections. We’re all on a large market, where we sell ourselves on a daily basis. An employer needs your soft and hard skills, a dance partner needs your dancing skills, a trekking partner needs your strength and endurance… A romantic partner is the same – she needs many of your qualities and only you can profitably sell yourself, bulging out your best qualities and hiding flaws.
  3. Get yourself together & be more practical. Every matchmaking process starts with defining your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and qualities. If you will be in pity for yourself and won’t be able to understand that an overwhelming number of women needs practical things from men, no personal matchmaker will be able to help you unless you start helping yourself. ‘I wanna be loved and cared’ on your side has to be confirmed with ‘I can give in return this and this’, which will be demanded on her side. In practice, this translates into ‘I have a good house where it will be comfortable to raise our mutual children’ or ‘I earn well’, ‘I am a great lover/dancer/father’… These are practical things, which you will offer a woman in exchange for her warmth and affection. This will make you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Demonstrate body language. Don’t know how? Take classes from a dating service or another provider. The body language not only will say about yourself and your intentions but will also show your interest in her. The same, you’ll be able to read her body language.