How to build your personal life in another lockdown because of you-know-what virus

22 November 2021

Whether it is a complete or just partial lockdown in your country or area, you spend increasingly more time at home. Maybe, even all of your time. We in the Ukrainian matchmaking agency, are too. But even that tiny little virus cannot prevent humankind from dating, creating families, and planning. So, the working-from-home experts of our dating agency Ukraine have come up with a set of tips on how to look in the future when you’re locked in four walls.

  • Use apps to your advantage.

There are too many good ones to list them all here. Simply pick one to your liking and go for it. But remember that there is a zillion idle people hanging out in the apps, so it became even harder to find the right match on them. Thus, it leads you to the next – very practical – advice.

  • Use specialized websites of matchmaking.

Like the one of our matchmaking agency Ukraine. We have pre-scanned pre-filtered dedicated-only people in our database, which are here with one goal: find a reliable, good, and warm-hearted husband or wife. In the apps, you find a lot more than that – undedicated unfocused people, who simply kill their time. Not like in the online catalog of our matchmaking agency Kharkiv (where you should really register now since you have a ton of free time, sitting at home).

  • Be less stringent and more open-minded.

Give people more chances and attention than they might have received when you were busy all day long. Studying someone’s profile might take significant time (if you’re interested), so don’t hesitate to do it now.

  • Leverage social media.

If you were always interested in how this handsome or pretty is doing, maybe, it is time to write to them? Consider rushing up before someone else has come up with the same idea about your guy or gal.

  • Plan a killer virtual date.

We’ve already written how to make a virtual (video) date far from boring. It is time to put your hands on this opportunity and start dating via a camera.