How to date a younger man

17 October 2021

Our Ukrainian matchmaking agency has seen occasions as significantly older women get a crush on younger men. But also they raise questions about how to date them correctly (in order to seem appropriate, not creepy/pathetic or like cougar). Specialists of our dating agency Ukraine are happy to deliver some valuable input on the issue.

  1. First of all, forget about all these “be open, you don’t have to be Madonna or Demi Moore, money doesn’t matter” that the yellow papers are filled with. Not giving a damn about social opinion, you put on a tag of overwhelmer of notorious centuries-old paradigm that dating younger men is bad. Men date women younger than them 2 or 3 times and that’s okay for their body to receive an inflow of young energy! Why wouldn’t you?
  2. You will be envied a lot. Specifically – by other women who aren’t that lucky enough to obtain that gorgeous young body with tight muscles and an amazing ass. The flows of envy & hatred generated by a ton of lackluster people all around should actually unearth one fact – you have something they don’t!
  • Of course, he shares fewer interests with you. He may have never seen movies you have; he may not have heard any of your favorite songs, and his dress style is just horrendous. That may be disappointing. If you like him for his youth and good relation to you, however, we in the matchmaking agency Ukraine think you should just enjoy you two being together for as long as you can, not digging into anything that brings you apart.
  1. It is quite possible that modern men have fewer sexual encounters than you might have had in their age. According to many studies, 20-y.o. people of the 1980s & 90s had significantly more sex than the generation in their 20s today. So it may turn out that you will exchange your life experience for his bursting energy – and such an exchange may be mutually beneficial and highly pleasant for both of you!

So general advice of our matchmaking agency Kharkiv – try to get as much energy and fun from this relationship as you can!