How to date after divorce?

30 August 2021

We, as a professional Ukraine matchmaking service, fully understand that getting back to dating after a divorce is very hard. You might have lost your confidence, skills, pro-activity, or have forgotten what’s important to you personally. If you have children, it’s a topic for another conversation, though. In this article, we’d like to talk about a different thing – how to return in the game per se. We in our dating agency Ukraine have prepared for you some tips.

  • Build up your confidence again. Your self-esteem is broken but you have to work on it to find a good partner. Nobody wants to live with a whining & wailing person. Start with your body – go to a gym, drop bad habits, reconsider your nutrition preferences, go to a beauty salon to have a positive tune-up (that equally concerns both genders). Eventually, take nice selfies to see how good-looking you are!
  • Define what you’re looking for. If you want to have rest from ‘serious’ relations, get flirty with a waitress in a bar or with the beauty/handsome by a pool. If you don’t want to waste time – register in a catalog of our matchmaking agency Ukraine to receive only serious matches without chaff.
  • Take it slow. Your previous relations might have fallen apart because that wasn’t your person. This time, you have a really good chance to move slow & get to know him or her better.
  • Be proactive. Don’t sit & wait – nobody’s falling on your lap unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates (who are divorced, as you might’ve heard). Start doing something on your own – visit places, talk to people, find an interest group, get in some club…
  • Forget “your type”. A girl or guy who abandoned you might have been “your type” perfectly. Still, that happened. What about not paying attention now to “your type” & simply allow nice people into your life? There are many of them, despite what you might think!
  • Don’t compare your current date to ex. This is non-efficient & only brings cracks into your future relations. No matter how good or bad they were – just start with “tabula rasa” (blank sheet).
  • Keep it low-pressure. What if you’re wrong again in new relations? Don’t force ‘em – it’s better to move slow & make sure both of you find your relations appropriate.

We hope that our Ukrainian matchmaker experience was able to give you some realistic & helpful advice. Remember that life keeps going & you are its architect!