How to deal with jealousy in relations?

1 September 2021

Who aren’t jealous? Scientists tell that jealousy is a normal evolutionary mechanism to protect “what’s yours.” But some of us are TOO jealous, right? And that becomes a major problem for some people, as they can’t live without being jealous of their partner to everything and everyone. We know that – in our professional work as a Ukrainian matchmaker agency, we’ve faced this many times.

If that’s ruining your life and relation(s), here are some pieces of advice, which we have come up with in our Ukraine matchmaking service:

  • Stop and take a deep breath.

Listen to your thoughts and your body and try to understand why another wave of jealousy overtakes you. You might even want to write down your feelings on paper. Reading them aloud might itself let you know how irrational those fears are.

  • Don’t deny.

Your feelings exist and you shan’t drive them away. This might only exaggerate what you feel so you eventually burst. Instead, try to analyze why you feel what you feel, and how could you change your thoughts or the situation.

  • Talk to your partner.

Tell about your jealousy and what causes it. Think together, what could be changed to stop provoking you for jealousy. Maybe your partner really gives you hundreds of reasons? Or are they all in your mind? Then you shall talk every reason through. Alternatively, you could even play a game – each time your partner provokes your jealousy, you can have sex. So the next time she or he could do it on purpose to bring a bright new element in your life. And that’ll relieve you of some portion of jealousy in the long run.

  • Shake it off.

Well, you could listen to the song of Taylor Swift. But we mean you should try to lower the degree of jealousy if there is no real background for it. This is reached through various breathing techniques and relaxing mantras.

  • Analyze your relations.

Is your partner really getting you? If that’s other than a game, then maybe all your jealousy thoughts and fears are really true? If so, we, as a professional dating agency Ukraine, advise you to consider breaking up with such a partner to return calmness into your life.

We hope that a portion of sound reasoning that we’ve prepared in our matchmaking agency Ukraine can help you find bigger peace and shake off your jealousy. At least, a fair share of it.