How to define a gold digger?

Any professional Ukrainian matchmaker faces tonnes of gold diggers in its practice. To help you filter out them quickly, our Ukraine matchmaking service agency has elaborated for you a list of signs that a person you date or see is a gold digger.

A quick definition first. A gold digger is someone who enters into relations with someone with only one primary goal: to extract money from their partner. GD can be of both genders.
Why should you keep them out? They are incapable of building serious relations based on trust, support & being with one another ‘for richer, for poorer, in sickness & in health, to love & to cherish, till death do us part’. The problem here is that they only want ‘for richer’, ‘in health’ & they definitely want to push you towards ‘till death do us part’ to part from you & unite with your money, cars, diamonds & real estate you leave them.

So, the signs collected by our dating agency Ukraine, are as follows:

  • Expensive taste without funds to back it up. Surely, they’ll ask those funds from you independently of the reasonability of such a purchase
  • In their social accounts, all they do is bragging about the expensive part of their life (supported by someone else, surely)
  • They aren’t ready to speak about the future or gaining mutual anything – house, car, or, at least, a temporary apartment. But they are surely willing to have a child from you – making sure you’ll be connected to them for at least 18 years. In the frequent cases of divorce, they try to grab as much as they can to provide themselves & maybe leave something to a kid
  • They definitely can’t finance any serious purchase on their own
  • They always seem to have a financial crisis yet they spend all money you give them to outer luxury, not fixing this ‘crisis’
  • They aren’t interested in you unless you won’t give them money or if you don’t look rich in the first place
  • They don’t give a damn about feelings or emotions from & to others & only expect money, money, money
  • They don’t have an employment history or they have worked on the lowest stages that don’t require brains & education – like hostesses, waitresses, strippers, escort service workers…
  • They never pay the bill or offer to split it
  • It’s you who has to finance their every desire
  • They prefer spending nights in bars & clubs, wasting your money.

Our matchmaking agency Ukraine warns you not to start any relations with people having at least some of those signs.