How to flirt the best over text?

15 November 2021

Flirting over text hasn’t gone anywhere. It has become even simpler these days – it’s only enough to type a quick message, powder it on with some flirty emojis, and send – through plain text, in social media, or in a messenger at your discretion.

But, as we in the matchmaking agency Ukraine believe, it is still an art. It requires you to be positive, not too pushy while showing confidence, and keep some intrigue. Below, the experts of our matchmaking agency Kharkiv have provided some general guidelines and examples, which you’re free to copy-paste.

  • Keep it sweet & short.

Miss UR face. Send me a pic?
I had this crazy dream about U last night…
What’re UR plans for a weekend? Besides hanging with me, of course…
This song I’m listening to right now reminded me of U

  • Stay positive & lighthearted.

Just heard some great news and wanted to tell you first!
I’m officially addicted to that thing from your last recommendation. How do U know me so well?
What do I do to hear more hilarious stories from you, like this last one?

  • Be complimentary.

Watchin’ a movie, where the main character reminds you. Although, not that cute, surely
Every time I get a message, I hope it’s from you. ‘cause you make me smile!
My phone’s 3% now. And I’m using its last powers to send this text to you.

  • Ask playful and maybe provocative questions.


How am I named on your phone?
Guess what trait of yours I’m gonna put to your name on my phone?
What do you want to do after we have dinner 2day?
I’d go for many things if they included your hands.
How should I stay productive at work if all my dreams inevitably roam back to our date yesterday?

Keeping things playful significantly raises the mood of every person. That’s not just a professional notice from our matchmaking agency in Ukraine but also personal observation. So being positive and open makes it possible for people to fall faster in love or, at least, develop a strong mental connection. Especially when your relations are just starting – positivity is a huge impetus to make them sound.

Stay tuned and read more blog posts from our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv!