How to make a more alluring online dating profile

22 October 2021

Online dating has great momentum. Specialists of our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv rightfully consider it is highly important to make your dating profile catchy for other people. Based on the sheer experience of our Kharkov marriage agency, we’ve composed pieces of advice.

  1. Take a good profile picture. Over 80% of people on dating apps don’t even open profiles without pictures. Make sure you smile and look attractive on it. It might represent your activities, hobbies, or interests. Don’t picture yourself under a bad angle, light, or blurred.
  2. Write about yourself. Profiles with creative and out-of-the-box CVs attract several times more attention. If you can’t – then simply don’t jump out of your pants: stick with positivity and genuine openness. Give an idea of who you are or of what your interests or outlooks are.
  3. Tell whom you want to meet. What is your ideal partner? Focus on personality traits over the characteristics of a body. For instance, say you’re looking for a person who values active pastime & takes good care of health instead of saying you’re looking for a fit chick.
  4. Remember that you’re looking for a match. Saying you’re heavily focused on a career, don’t have time for kids, or compose a list of reasons why people should not contact you makes them not have a clue of what the hell are you looking for in a dating app.
  5. We in Ukraine matchmaking service recommend adding some bait. That is, include in your profile something that will allow people potentially interested in you to start a conversation. For instance, say you’re planning a soon trip to someplace for sightseeing, local wine, and cheese. This will give hookups for people about what to say to you to start a conversation.
  6. Proofread your profile to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies. One of the biggest reasons why people hesitate to contact and even become angry about someone’s profile is spelling and grammar.

We in the Ukrainian matchmaking agency hope that our little quick tips will help you shape up a very alluring dating profile, would it be in an app or on a website.