How to understand what you’re looking for in your partner?

16 July 2021

Are you in the active search for your ‘second half’? That’s good, as it’ll deprive you of loneliness! But what about the rest of the things of why you need to be with someone in the first place? We mean, why do you want to not be alone? Why do you need a partner? What are you looking in him or her? And what can you give in return? These all are great questions that will save you from failing relations in the future (besides helping with a search per se). So we, as a professional dating service, advise you to start any new relations by investigating you & your qualities.

The exact questions are:

What you can offer your partner? Are you an interesting person? Wealthy? Super fun? Have a great body? Have a zillion successful ideas of business in your head and implement them? A great musician? Have other great qualities? What do you love about yourself? How do you improve (if improve at all)? Answers to these will make you confidently answer what essential values you can give to a future partner. Because if there aren’t any, then why would anyone want to be with you, really? These are the first things we ask everyone who addresses our personal dating service when planning a match, so maybe should you.

Then, ask yourself questions about a future partner:

What specifically are you looking for in someone else? Friendship? Fleshy love? Sharing your vision, ideas, emotions? Be supportive to you? Make your house clean and be your cook? Some of the mentioned aren’t really about seeking a relationship – they are about looking for a friend, lover, housemaid, councilor, or a business partner. Only a few correspond to a romantic partnership (namely, sharing your vision, ideas & emotions) and only then, your future relations can be long-lasting. But only if you are ready to give back the same support, sharing, and care.

According to the opinion of our matchmaking service, these two pillars above are the basic points of happy future life. Employing them wisely, you will be able to avoid being brokenhearted in the future, which is caused by a wrong partner. Besides, our matchmaking agency can help you start the search for the right person.