Internet dating slang and acronyms you need to know when dating in modern days

28 August 2021

It doesn’t matter where you start searching for a partner – in apps, on the Internet, or in physical reality. You’d still face some acronyms, abbreviations, and slang, which you might find hard to identify. Relax, though: our Ukraine matchmaking service has done some homework for you.

  • It’s when you’re a spare option for someone and one or both of you don’t want to move on, developing your relations. But you could occasionally hook up to have ‘fun’. The term comes from a player on a bench, which is not playing right now but can be asked to play by a coach.
  • Abbreviation (A.) for ‘In Real Life’. For instance, you text someone ‘Let’s meet IRL’, as an option of getting away from online chatting to something more serious & personal.
  • Casual relationships. It’s when you might have some physical fun together or hang out as friends but none of you pushes the relations father, keeping them cozy as they are.
  • Being in touch with someone but never IRL or through a video/voice chat. In this manner, a person who does catfishing pretends to be someone else. So if you’re catfished – your opponent may be a scam or someone who might have stolen another person’s identity. You should drop all relations with them.
  • A. for ‘Define Your Relations’. That’s when you specifically say what you expect from relations so as to avoid time-wasting with your partner.
  • ‘Being rejected.’
  • Nearly the same as Benching only both of you know that if a person who cushioned you won’t make anything good out of their basic relations, you’ll be the next. It’s like when you agree to marry someone by 40 if you won’t find any better option by then.
  • Emergency call. If a date goes specifically badly, a person might preliminarily agree with some friend to make an ‘EC’ so as to flee from this date as if something urgent has happened. If you are the one who stayed – 100%, you won’t have any continuation with a person who fled.
  • Occasionally, some person will need you and ask something from you but you can never do this in return – they simply won’t get in touch with you. When you’re firedoored, simply leave & close this fire door (working in 1 side only), to meet other people, who will be in two-sided relations with you.

We hope that this small vocabulary made by our dating agency Ukraine helps you in dating. Alternatively, you can always resort to the services of our matchmaking agency Ukraine and then most part of those terms simply won’t apply to you. So, how about registering in our Ukrainian matchmaker’s catalog right now?