Veronika BMH18

  • Age: 21
  • Location Country: Canada
  • Origin Country: Ukraine
  • Origin City: New Brunswick
  • Height: 170 cm 5' 6.9"
  • Weight: 52 kg 114 lbs
  • Marital status: Never Been Married
  • Eyes Color: gray
  • Hair Color: light brown
  • Religion: Orthodoxy
  • Children: no
  • Looking for an age range: 23-45
  • Occupation: manager
  • Language: English Good
  • Drinking: Seldom
  • Smoking: No
  • Level education: Higher
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer

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Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada
Veronika from , Canada

More about lady


I am not a conflict person who really appreciates communication. Sincerity, development, kindness, self-love (sports, nutrition, and way of life and thoughts), perseverance in what you do, and discipline are not in a rigid sense. It is very important to show attention and support from a man.I consider myself kind, and sympathetic and I like to be useful to people, in terms of their morale, I like to listen and take care. Sometimes I am very emotional when they show me coldness and indifference, it makes me a little angry and a feeling of misunderstanding. But I always tune in to dialogue and solve problem situations with people through dialogue.I love yoga and a little esoteric, I understand that each person is a separate soul that lives its own experience on the planet, and there is nothing good or bad about eating - there is only experience.I like to travel and fly by plane, I love adrenaline, but in moderation. I dream of seeing a big blue whale in the ocean. Bungee jumps off a cliff and scuba dive somewhere near a coral reef. And I would also like to go on some kind of yoga tour and get to know different deep people. But at the same time I like to have fun and go to different places, restaurants, bars, and parks, I like to be constantly busy and have interesting plans for the weekend or free time.I love surprises and accept gifts. I also like to make gifts for my loved ones, to make them happy.

Description of ideal partner:

I want to meet a nice man with good family values. The one who knows what he wants to do in this life and who is ready to take responsibility for his family. I guess the man should be smart enough to create financial stability for the people around him. Of course, the woman should work and develop more but when there are going to be kids, she will still stay at home with kids and it will influence her professional development that`s why the man should care about it more, I think. I value a lot the responsiveness in men. I mean not just to his woman but to people around him. I think it`s a good quality to have, not just for a man but for any person. And for sure, I want my man to have a good sense of humor because it`s important to feel comfortable, laugh and enjoy life together. It`s important to understand each other`s jokes and to have a familiar sense of humor.

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Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children?