The Air Magazine

18 March 2023

As a professional matchmaker, I take pride in sharing expert advice and dating tips with foreigners seeking love with Ukrainian women. From wardrobe tips to effective communication strategies, I’ve got you covered. However, I’ve come to realize that I haven’t shared much about my own successes 🤔

Not long time ago, my work was featured in The Air magazine, which was available in VIP lounges and waiting areas of major Ukrainian airports. Was before the war, when airports in Ukraine were working. That article, written in English, is a comprehensive guide to the matchmaking services I offer and how men can use them to find their perfect match from Ukraine. As I have mentioned – our ladies now are all over the world, that gives the opportunity for our men to meet them in Europe and the USA, for example.

Despite the current travel restrictions and quieter airports, we haven’t slowed down our work with clients. We are still actively making introductions, arranging video calls and dates, and sharing in the happiness of our couples’ wedding photos.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and one benefit of the current situation is that it’s easier and faster for our couples to connect. With many Ukrainian women already immigrating to Europe and America, men can meet them without the added stress and expense of international travel.

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