Making your first date more effective

20 July 2021

Countless relations failed to evolve because the first date was not a success. Professionals of our dating service know it in practice, which spans over a decade. So, our online marriage matching service has formulated for you the following tips to make your first date more effective.

  1. Make her interested in you. Although a date is about romanticism and having a good time, it is not less an interview and self-representation. Show your strengths and better qualities, preferably, during the 10-20 first minutes of your date to make you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Make her laugh. It has been scientifically proven that men with a good sense of humor have higher IQ and are generally much smarter than others. This results in the ability to find a better job and to have a higher salary, which directly results in being a better match for a woman. Besides, living with a fun person is simply fun 😉
  3. Find things in common. No need to visit online dating sites or be an expert in human relations to tell that only if partners have many things in common, they can live ‘happily ever after’. A first date is a perfect opportunity to tell about your interests and find out the ones of your partner to have many touchpoints during future dates and conversations.
  4. Listen to her. Unlike exchanging text messages on dating sites for singles, where you both tell about yourself pretty much equally, on personal dates, a man should always give more space to a woman so she is able to speak more. Being a good listener is also one of the things women cherish.
  5. Rely on touches. Touching anyone makes your relations more personal, close, and intimate. If your date takes closed poses or demonstrates uncertainly, it would be a great option to overcome this barrier. Also, this is a nearly 100% chance to overcome being thrown into a friend zone. So unobtrusively touch her hand, arm area from hand to an elbow, shoulders, and waist, which are considered ‘safe’ zones but such ones, which reflect your intention of being closer and get more intimate. Such touches definitely say you’d like to be a lover, not a friend.

Our online matchmaking specialists are always ready to give you more pieces of advice about the first and consequent dates. So contact our marriage match making studio and we’ll see how we can help you.