Modern terms used in dating in 2021 you need to know

2 October 2021

New words appear every year. The dating industry is also changing – we in Kharkov dating agency know it thanks to a decade of hands-on experience. Let’s explore some of the newly appeared terms, which your might have heard.

  • Zumping: conducting a date through a video chat (for instance, through Zoom – hence the name – Skype or whatever suits you)
  • Fleabagging: keep continuously dating wrong people just to evade loneliness
  • Breadcrumbing: keeping someone on the hook of personal or sexual interest by ‘leaving breadcrumbs’ such as hitting a like on their another Instagram post or sending a sporadic flirty SMS but never actually letting anything more
  • Catch And Release: while someone might be highly thrilled by being followed and caught (or doing it), they immediately lose interest after the chase game is over
  • Instagrandstanding a.k.a. Gatsbying: doing something solely for impressing your crush like posting a perfect Instagram post. It’s named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel’s main character who threw huge parties only to impress Daisy.
  • Zombieing a.k.a. Haunting a.k.a. Orbiting: sending messages or calls to your ex, who had long been over you, so it looks like you stalk them creepily
  • Kittenfishing: exaggerating or faking a social online profile to attract someone’s attention (in the way similar to lying too much in a resume to get a job)
  • Marleying: try to hook on an ex or anyone else right before holidays or weekend to spend time together purely because you feel lonely
  • Microcheating: remaining a little flirty with people around while being in a relationship.

The specialists of our matchmaking agency Ukraine who prepared for you this list hope that your another date will improve if you are aware of the terms. Read more of our matchmaking agency Kharkiv blog posts and subscribe to our matchmaking agency in Ukraine news to stay tuned!