Most common dating mistakes (according to the matchmaking agency in Ukraine). Part III

7 October 2021

We’ve already spoken with you about the most common dating mistakes in our previous matchmaking agency Ukraine blog posts. Now, we continue this reading with new erroneous actions you should avoid while dating.

  1. Trying to change your date according to your preferences.

This is one of the common mistakes, in many cases leading to break-up. While it is healthy to try to instill a few nice habits in your partner (like putting down seating on a toilet and washing dishes every day), most people don’t want to change in their nature, as their second halves insist. Requested changes are most frequently about character and year-long habits, not about mundane tiny little things. That’s why people refuse to prolong such relations. And many people even if they change someone to their taste, in a couple of years might consider, this is not a person they’ve started dating with and leave them. Wait, what? So, just don’t do that.

  1. You don’t speak about your feelings.

At times, it is extremely difficult for your partner to know what you feel about them. If you won’t be open and talkative about it, they might never know what you actually feel. So they might treat it as the reluctance of dating and leave you while you’ll be left stunned about what happened to cause the break-up. We in the matchmaking agency in Kharkiv recommend you to speak about your feelings directly and frequently.

  1. You focus on yourself rather than on your partner.

Relations are a two-sided road. If you only want to make them good for you, not trying to make good for your partner and not paying attention to their feelings, this might end nowhere. Your partner is not your servant or subordinate – they are the same person with the same needs of feeling well and progressing. That’s why our Kharkov marriage agency recommends to more frequently ponder about your partner’s needs and ask if they’re okay with the current situation in your relations.

  1. Looking for wrong instead of for right.

Focusing only on bad things and sides in your relations makes a tremendous number of people all over the world in similar relations feel deprived of oxygen to breathe and, therefore, suffocating. Trust our Ukraine matchmaking service experience – we know it because of watching this for over a decade. So change your treatment & support your mutual growth by focusing on goodness.