Most common dating mistakes (according to the Ukraine matchmaking service). Part I

14 August 2021

Just like in any other field of activity of a human, mistakes in dating aren’t avoided. Our dating agency Ukraine has summarized the extensive experience of our own, talked to experts and our clients, and now presents to your attention a list of most common dating mistakes, which you can avoid. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

  1. You don’t have any goals for your dating.

Having a great time is surely something we all need in our lives, the more the better. However, eventually, you’re going to face a question from your partner, sounding like “Where do our relations head to?” As Ukrainian matchmakers with tonnes of experience, we’ve seen hundreds of couples get separated because one or both don’t know what they want from their relations and haven’t even thought about it. Well, without a goal, you cannot develop and think of anything more serious, like creating a family. Being idle or negligent in this means that your partner will soon become distant from you, eventually breaking up with you.

  1. Are you focused?

If you’re dating someone, then dating someone else at the same time is something unacceptable. Many of us would call such a situation ‘cheating’. So, if you will have started dating a person (and he or she dates you exclusively), make sure you’re investing all your efforts and attention into this person, not jumping around looking for the better one because it’ll lead you to stay alone in all directions. Sure, the clock is ticking but you could spend a couple of months with one, then with another… This will be fair, at least.

  1. You aren’t personal much.

Our matchmaking agency Ukraine sees a huge tendency in recent years – people stop being personal. They prefer texting between infrequent dates. This turns them into friends more than into lovers and frees their heads from a feeling of being in relations. What it leads to? Fading of feelings. Like a fading flower inevitably loses its petals, the same, your feelings will soon lose their basis if you aren’t personal enough.

  1. You neither delete nor halt your dating profile in an app when you start dating someone.

That really hurts. So, you’ve found someone but can’t stop scanning around through an app? Oh, boy, that’s disgusting and sort of cheating.