Most common dating mistakes (according to the Ukraine matchmaking service). Part II

17 August 2021

You have read and loved our previous post about the most common dating mistakes. Here’s part two (as there are loads of mistakes in dating, after all) – prepared by our dating agency Ukraine specifically to highlight more of the common mistakes.

1. You date simply because you don’t want to be alone.

You can’t even imagine how many times, as a professional Ukrainian matchmaker, we’ve met and worked with people who date simply because they don’t want to be alone. We’ve even started to think that it’s a new paradigm of modern society! A prevailing number of people date not because of a desire to have a family, kids, and have 50 years of Eastern picnics on the lawn of their home. Nope, people date to have fun together, listen to the same music, make love, and even share the costs of an apartment they rent together. They mix up a “friend”, a “lover”, and a “spouse”. Eventually, a dramatic percentage of couples fall apart and people are brokenhearted because they didn’t think that they needed a friend or a lover, not a date. While there is (usually) 1 date in your life at any given time, you can have thousands of friends. The drastic difference between a partner and a friend is that you might have a zillion of requirements to the first (including physical compatibility) but you definitely don’t need that many to the second.

2. You settle for less.

You might deserve much more than what you land with. We in the matchmaking agency Ukraine always recommend going for equal or trying higher. People might be simply scared of trying to become acquainted with someone they consider ‘out of their league’ while they don’t realize they are also in a high league themselves. So if you’re, like, 8, and settle with 5, then your entire common life might be skewed, while people around you would wonder how come you’re dating not an equal.

3. You’re full of negativity about yourself.

It’s okay to grow serious because of your life experience. But it’s not okay when you always whine and complain to your date about negative thoughts you’re delving into. After all, they are your date, not your shrink. But if you need the latter to address your fears – surely, do so.

4. You discuss your ex.

That’s the worst thing you could do. Nobody’s interested in hearing about your ex and comparing. Did she make a better fried chicken? Then go back to her and make room for another person!