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The Founder of Sharman Professional Matchmakers, Director

“I’ve never thought to become a Matchmaker”

Since my childhood, I have always been a creative person and loved languages. When I was 16 y.o., I decided to connect my life with studying foreign languages and began to master English and German in Kharkiv Karazin National University. I enjoyed studying and did it well, though I was not very good at school))). After I have graduated from University, I spent several years raising my son and devoted life to my family. I studied photography and it became one of my hobbies. But I missed working with languages so much!

Then, several months ago, a friend of mine suggested a job for me as an interpreter for romantic dates in her small agency.

It was just earning extra money for me and my family but then I understood that I really loved this job! It’s so wonderful to see how couples start falling in love, to help them understand each other and give some piece of advice while they go step by step and build their own love story. And for me, it was extremely pleasant to take a small part in that story…

Then I’ve decided to move forward in that direction and to try to open my own small agency. The first client of the Agency was my single friend Anna. I was a photographer, administrator, interpreter, and matchmaker in one person… It was not an easy start but I enjoyed it! I believe that the only way to do great work is to deeply love what you do and get excited about every day.

My small agency grew up and became stronger. Happy clients invited their single friends and we started to develop.

Now we are a successful agency with a big experience but we never stop. We relocated to Europe after the start of the war from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are moving forward with our big team who has the same goals to create another loving couple in this World! 

In 2021, just before war in Ukraine, I took part in the filming of the 90 Day Fiance show as an exclusive matchmaker. I am very proud of that experience. You can watch the series on YouTube and shortly I will give more information in my blog as well. 

Since my childhood, I have always liked to do 2 things – learning languages and making people happy without any reason. When people smile at each other or swear on their eternal love, there is nothing more beautiful.

It might be a destiny that brought me to Matchmaking agency Sharman in 2014.

Kateryna noticed the great potential in me and then she made me her right hand, assistant, and friend! I would even say that my dream came true as I work among amazing people who also want to make this world better!

During the time spent here, I saw enough to be sure that the agency Sharman would do its best to do everything in order to shorten that thread called “loneliness” as large as possible and help people find their love, joy, and sparkle in their eyes, find their moon and stars, love and hope for the future! This is the agency, which destroys all obstacles on the way to love, understanding, and family between 2 loving hearts!

On the site, every detail has been made with great attention, as we want you to feel maximum comfort with our service!

Just remember that every person deserves to become beloved and happy and happiness comes to those who really deserve and want this!

You can always try… and then you will notice how Sharman tries to change your life!


Chief Administrator, Professional Matchmaker, Interpreter


Client Manager, Professional Matchmaker, Top Agency Interpreter

Everything in our world is about love and for love.

I got to the marriage agency ‘’Sharman’’ by chance. I was a student and it was a great opportunity to improve my English. I began to help men and women find a common language because communication is the foundation for building relationships.

How did I understand that this is “mine thing”? The first couple! I saw that two people are great together. I remember tingling and tears when I heard “He made me an offer!”

I have been a translator for 4 years and I am going to continue helping others find true love.

If you expect happiness, come to us! We will be happy to help you!

I am a mother, and this work allows me to devote time to my family l.

Flexible schedule, friendly and cheerful team. I like to help people and to support them! And not only at work!


Agency interpreter


Agency interpreter, Assistant Administrator

My name is Anastasia

I’m 20 years old. In my life, I’ve already resold a lot of different professions and different types of jobs like from the professional coach to the chef. I don’t like staying too long without any work and stay passive…..

I have always searched for things that could bring me not only money but a satisfaction and opportunity to be useful for people. Some time later, I realized that helping people like meeting with each other and creating couples, it is my calling.!! After searching for a real and true agency, I found this one and that’s how I started my career with “Sharman” Professional Matchmaking Agency!

P.S. Everybody deserves for true love and you are not an exception

I like foreign languages, especially English! Plus, I love analyzing relationships between people! It so happened that fate brought me together in due time with Katerina! There are no chance meetings! And now I am in a team, skillfully putting together what I like! I wish the agency many clients and more happy matches!


Agency Interpreter, meeting coordinator in Lviv


Agency Interpreter, Meeting Coordinator

Why do I work at Sharman Agency?
I like the atmosphere and relationships with colleagues who have already become close friends to me. Together we work honestly and openly on the result and the name of our agency.

There are many things that I love about working as an interpreter. In my job, no two days are ever the same. Each new day brings a new meeting with new people from different countries and cultures. I learn to readily adjust to constant change. So my day will never be boring!

If you ask what I’ve learned along the way, the list will be a mile long. Every facet of this job asks to learn something new.

My job is to effectively convey the message of the client in the target language. While this obviously has to be completed to the client’s expectations, i can find opportunities to let a little creativity flow. Finding the exact right word and the best way to reach the intended message is a thrilling process for the creative at heart.

The ability to speak a second language is a gift that should not be taken for granted. As an interpreter, I use my language skills to help people communicate effectively across language barriers.

And at the end of the day, I can rest easy knowing that my job has made a difference in someone’s life.


Agency interpreter, meeting coordinator


Top Agency Interpreter, meeting coordinator in Odessa

The biggest happiness of our life is to love and be loved and I deeply believe on it. So, when I got an offer to work in one marriage agency, I decided to try. Now, I am interpreter with 10-years experience in the field of international dating and great passion to what I do.

I am trying to combine my knowledge with huge desire to help men and women to meet each other. I truly believe that you can build relationships of your dreams and our team will gladly help you with it…

“Be the best version of yourself every day”

I’ve always liked English and talking with people. Sharman is ideal variant for me because I can combine business with pleasure. Communicating with different people you can learn something new and interesting for yourself. Sitting at home, you can easily expand your horizons with Sharman team.

The main things are desire to improve yourself and time to do it.



Agency interpreter, Assistant Administrator


Chief photographer, Kharkiv branch

Creative, cheerful and easygoing

Understanding, flexible and extremely positive


Agency Photographer, Kyiv branch

Byalova Olga

Italian/German interpreter, meeting coordinator in Kyiv

As an Italian and German interpreter I came to Sharman professional matchmaking agency in 2020.

More than 20 years of experience of working in this sphere of translation helps me to work on all different language levels. I also worked in a ministry of the government.

I finally defined where my place is when I helped my friend to communicate with her future Italian husband that day. And after that I felt a really important person who helps people to find that common language without any misunderstandings between 2 beloved.

It’s absolutely astonishing when a company is totally comprised of devoted people with burning hearts! And I, Soroka Kateryna, the head of Sharman Agency, am honored to have such people on my team. I love them all as people, as professionals, as friends, and as those who bring the everyday professional touch to the job, which is 100% about being personal with people to give them what they want.

The Sharman Agency is a professional matchmaker with an enclosed database of men and women from numerous countries, which is aimed at personal matching, highly fine-tuned for every our client. Those professionals you see on the page of the dating site help hundreds of people every day, picking them the best matches, carefully estimating hundreds of criteria, and being utmost humane and sincere in their job. Those professionals work as meeter-greeters, translators, meeting organizers, photographers, helpers of the full cycle, and, basically, personal assistants to everyone, would it be a woman from Ukraine/Russia or a man who wants to meet a woman on our popular dating site to make her a fiancée. We love to master new things and get deeper into every aspect of our job. That’s what we call a personal touch. And that’s why our work on online dating is so efficient. Yet, I cannot forget mentioning the love for what we do – I don’t think anyone in my team is unhappy about what he or she is doing on a daily basis. And, in addition to the direct result of matching the loving hearts, the extra reward for me is seeing their enlightened faces, sparkling eyes, and hearing words of happiness.

Some have joined our team in the very beginning; some keep appearing on this page of our site for dating a girl… But any of them wouldn’t be here if they did not want one thing: bringing people closer together. That what makes the heart burning and the large wheel of our work keep on turning!