Personal matchmaking vs. Date coaching

10 July 2021

How personal matchmaking differs from date coaching? When you need one and another? Let’s look at both.

A lot of dating sites for professionals offer personal matchmaking, which is basically letting two persons meet and bringing them closer to one another based on many criteria of matching one another. For instance, Russian personal dating is able to find for a man a wife from Russia (or an ex-USSR bloc) based on their wishes towards a future partner, their level of education, income, social position, etc. Such a personal matchmaking service presupposes that people registering in their databases are already a ‘hot audience’, which means, such people specifically know they need a life partner and understand why they have registered here. They explicitly tell their requests, desires, and their own qualities, which would be of interest to a partner. All people of a professional dating service database are aimed at creating strong relations and families.

Unlike the super-serious approach of a dating service agency, there are a zillion of people out there, who are much less straight about their intentions (or haven’t yet formulated them anyhow clearly), they are young and would like to have much fun in this life. They are aimed at dating various people, discovering the world around them, and it is improbable that they would cease having fun in 5-10-15… upcoming years. Many of these people don’t need the services of a professional matchmaker but they do need advice on how to make their dates go well. This would include advice on apparel, behavior, topics of conversation, looks and style, presents they should bring on a date (if any), what they should eat and drink (to avoid being drunk or smell badly from some spicy food) yet to feel liberated and easy. For those guys, date coaching is the choice, which has the answers to all these questions.

Which one do you need – a professional dating agency or date coaching? We are waiting for your comments.