Pretending to be someone you’re not is always disastrous for relations

12 October 2021

For over a decade of work of our Kharkov marriage agency, we have seen many disasters in relations of people who were pretending they are someone they’re not. Building something new on the basis of lies and distrust is one of the dirtiest undertakings that people do. Yet, unfortunately, it is one of the most widespread.

Definitely, all of us would like to seem better, richer, fancier, and happier than we are. But how do you define this blurred line, when bragging about who you are a.k.a. “playing muscles” becomes “lies”? That’s a nice question. Lie helps some people land better jobs and try to conform to their high requirements while already being there. For some, such a lie leads to eventual firing from a job they weren’t able to correspond to.

We in Ukraine matchmaking service believe that the same concerns relations, too. And would define the ‘line’ as crossed if you say something like this:

  • Telling you’re doing something you actually don’t. You’re not helping in an elderly home or to parentless children. You’re not volunteering after hurricanes or floods.
  • Telling you’re owning assets and having connections you actually don’t. This fancy yacht you’ve been to actually isn’t yours but rented or belongs to a friend or to a company that employs you. This place you rent isn’t owned by you. You don’t know any senators to help you with some of your business questions. And the stocks you ‘trade’ are actually ‘owning’ one stock costing 50 bucks.
  • Telling you have certain moral qualities you don’t. Friendly and open to all people? Tolerant to all religions? Nice about children and eager to have them?

Now as you know more about the difference between being a braggart and a liar thanks to this blog post of our Ukrainian matchmaking agency, you could tell whether you’re actually rushing to ruin your relations or not.

The reason why you shouldn’t cross the line is that you will be uncovered and anathematized in the nearest future or you will actually have to correspond to your words. And, frankly speaking, if you earn, like, 30K a year, it will be extremely difficult for you to buy a 200K yacht to make it yours. So, wouldn’t it be better to prefer honesty? We in Kharkov dating agency are definitely for being honest!