Wed Ukrainian, help Ukraine! Contact details exchange, without preliminary communication

300.00 Euro


Russia attacked Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022, forcing at least a million Ukrainian women and children to seek a safer harbor in Europe while their men took the fight. It is not a “special operation”, as Russians tell: they specifically bombard our civil infrastructure: schools, hospitals, kindergartens, thermoelectric power stations, railway stations… They shoot unarmed. Kharkiv city, where our matchmaking agency in Ukraine was headquartered and where our families lived until recently is now devastated, being nearly leveled to the ground. We can no longer operate in Kharkiv, having moved to one of the European cities until the war ends.

This is WAR. Russia IS war. 

To help the women of Ukraine, who would like to meet a loving husband in Europe, we launch a new urgent service \"Wed Ukrainian, help Ukraine\" , which will help you find your future wife. Using it, you can make a request for the contact data of a lady to your liking from our catalog. We’re now forming publically closed lists of girls with their European locations, so you can access ladies from it, finding their current places of stay.

How to use it: select a woman from the catalog, make a request for her data, and we tell you where she is right now (revealing the country of Europe, city, her mobile phone, and any other up-to-date data) so you can contact her right away to talk and plan your future steps.

No preliminary chat online with a girl or any other unnecessary steps in this war situation are required anymore. Get her phone, call her, and meet her in person in your country and city.

You could also help a woman get to your city. Ask us for more details.

50% of money from purchasing this service will go to support our people from Kharkiv.