Should you break up with anybody who denies social distancing?

22 August 2021

Let’s presume, your romantic partner denies social distancing and/or doesn’t want to wear a mask during your date or hang-outs. Or it might be not someone you’re already dating with but a potential partner. During 2020 and 2021, many people started to refuse to see someone in person if people whom they’d meet won’t wear a mask.

What if your partner, real or potential, refuses to wear a mask or wants to kiss or hug you in a public place without all prescribed precautions, which you’d like to stick with? According to the latest pieces of research of several dating websites and agencies, which are also supported by the recent experience of our dating agency Ukraine, 85% of all people in the search for a partner prefer having socially distant dates in person (that is, a partner should be 6 feet from them). More than 50%, according to the data of our Ukrainian matchmaker service, would like to make a date through the screen of a laptop or personal computer – with a nice camera and sound. That would nearly totally replace the feeling of intimacy, yet not jeopardizing health. Also, it would decrease the financial cost of a date. Around 60% of respondents would like to see a mask on the face of someone whom they meet for the first time.

These results are backed by a fact of a growing number of people refusing vaccination, the idea of which starts to capture the minds of the planet’s population (for various reasons). We in our Ukraine matchmaking service strongly believe it is a personal decision of everyone to adopt or not adopt a right of having an opinion on the matter. However, our matchmaking agency Ukraine already sees a splash of farewells and breakups between people with different positions about social distancing. Although this might not be a bad thing! It might be – finally – an absolutely new trend when people start to find matches based on their medical beliefs. This was not met before in the newest history.