Signs that someone is emotionally unavailable. So run

10 November 2021

We’ve witnessed so many times during our expert work in the matchmaking agency Kharkiv that couples are falling apart because one or both in a couple are emotionally unavailable. Otherwise, this could be defined as scarce, being secretive, distanced, detached… All of these wonderfully describe a condition when a person isn’t ready to start or continue close relations anymore. And that is a huge problem.

Our matchmaking agency in Ukraine has made the analysis of newcomers to our online catalog. We saw that a large share of such people has lost connection to their partner (so they’re trying to find another one). For the same reason, some new couples don’t ignite as supernovae, merging together in their feelings.

To make you avoid wasting time on such improbable future relations or to realize it is time to end the existing ones, the experts of our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv have composed a list of sure signs that your partner is emotionally distant.

  1. They disdain you. Believe the extensive hands-on experience of our Kharkov marriage agency – people who scorn you will never even think of building anything lasting with you. If disparagement appears in your relations, they are almost never repaired, as contempt is among the strongest negative feelings.
  2. Spotty communication. They catch you up to speak or have sex just occasionally – when they want. They don’t desire to build inclusive relations, which would consider your needs and wants. Unenthusiastic unpredictable communication is a sure sign of one-sided favor.
  3. They don’t bother arguing with you. Our Ukraine matchmaking service sees arguing as one of the signs of healthy relations – on par with attempts of reaching consensus on issues & working out a similar vision on various things. Not arguing with you, they simply don’t want your inclusiveness in the relations. Are there any relations whatsoever in such a scenario, really?
  4. Surface-level conversations. They don’t let you deeper and also hesitate to know you deeper. For a light friendship, that’ll do. But bloody no for relationships.
  5. They are unreliable to plans. Whatever great and breathtaking you’d planned, everything goes down in flames? If their reliability tends to the ground level, that’s a dooming sign.
  6. They feel ‘neh’ when you talk about your feelings. Treating most sacred – your feelings – like “whatever, I’m outta here” is a sign you’re deeply loathsome to those people.