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There are lots of people who still doubt the effectiveness of matchmaking services for serious dating to create a family. It seems impossible to find true love on the Internet, develop relations, and marry a woman from a different country with special culture and traditions (which can be nothing in common with yours). Can so different people understand and love each other? Sharman Matchmaking agency has a positive look that they can! That’s not just words, that’s our experience speaks!

The statistics of dating sites with girls prove that international marriages as the consequence of online dating are much more successful and stronger than ones concluded between the people of the same country. To convince you of the success of such long-distance relations, we offer you to read several stories, which happened in real life. They are truly romantic and touchy. And they are real! You can see with your own eyes how people of various ages managed to find each other living in different parts of the world by dating women online. It does not matter how old you are – you can find someone who will love you and take care of you for the rest of your life in any age. Some people of the happy couples were not even able to speak English. But language is not a barrier for sincere feelings, after all.

Enjoy the best and most successful stories of dating girls that Sharman Matchmaking agency selected for you and never stop believing in true love. Probably, the next story will be written exactly by you!


The story of Tonya and Bruce managed to happen thanks to our Ukrainian brides’ matchmaking agency Sharman Family. Both of them are mature people over 35 who were looking for true love. Their romantic story began with plain chatting and delicate gifts for girls offered as one of the options of the agency. Gradually, it grew to something stronger and much more serious.

How everything began…

Tonya is an attractive woman living in Kharkiv, Ukraine with her mother and granny. She had been on the site for a year before she met Bruce. She didn’t know English and could hardly expect to fall in love with a man so fast just chatting with him.

Bruce is an ordinary man from the UK. He used to visit Ukrainian cities Kyiv and Odessa for work, so he knew enough about the country and its culture. He had been on the website for about half a year before found Tonya. There were dozens of ladies speaking English very well. But something made him write a message to Tonya. Was it Providence itself? Who knows… Anyway, two people met and started their communication.

Bruce says that he noticed her because her profile on the site seemed brisk and funny to him. She was not an ordinary lady for him; she seemed special with her own way of thinking and something attractive in her eyes. Tonya confesses that their meeting was so strange. When she opened his profile, it seemed that she was reading her thoughts. It was impossible to imagine that she found a reflection of herself in that guy. Could he be her soulmate? Tonya needed an answer to such a question, so she responded to Bruce.

As they admit, their communication was very warm and pleasant from the very start. The first moments of their chatting were via chat provided by the Sharman brides’ agency. It was comfortable for them to use it because Tonya could not speak English and there was a man-translator provided. Thus, they could understand and know each other better. In addition, they sent emails to each other and talked days and nights. For Bruce, Tonya was a discovery. Being extremely attractive to him, she also managed to win his heart with her inner world. He describes his first impression of her as a funny lady with a quick wit. They had the same sense of humor, which turned out to be really important for both of them (this is what often brings a man and woman together). Tonya says that he was the kind of man she liked – very solid and masculine. She felt totally nervous before their conversations but never tried to be prepared for them. She knew that they have a lot in common and everything would be just perfect by flowing naturally. Bruce and Tonya were joking and laughing together during their conversations. Step by step, such communication made them much closer. The man even confesses that they missed each other if not speaking for a while. 

Their communication was not limited by chatting.Bruce was courting her sending the best flowers for girls offered by the agency delivery service, candy boxes, and other cute gifts for girls. There is hardly a woman who does not like romantic gifts for girls, so Tonya was not an exception. She felt very impressed and pleased with his attention. Tonya liked talking about her man to her close people – mother and granny. 

The first real date

After a while, Bruce came to Kharkiv for the first time. They used the services of an interpreter provided by the agency. But even unable to fully understand each other directly, they felt connected by something above the language from the first moments of their communication. He spent four days in Kharkiv, during which they were walking in the parks and talking. Tonya showed him nice places in her city but it was much more important for them to know each other. That’s why they spent all the days together. After this, Tonya started learning English attending courses.

Their next meeting took place very soon when Bruce came to Kharkiv on New Year. He got acquainted with Tonya’s relatives – mom and granny (or ‘babushka’, as he blandly calls her so far). And a cat Vanya, of course (as a pet is also a part of the family). He expresses very warm feelings towards her family saying they accepted him and tried to show all their hospitality. He laughs telling how Vanya expressed his positive attitude coming to Bruce and allowing hugging himself. As Tonya recalls, her mom and granny were very excited and nervous about their acquaintance. They cooked lots of dishes and even managed to spoil some of them (as Tonya tells with a smile). Nevertheless, everything was just perfect. They managed to know each other and accept Bruce as a part of the family…

During the second visit to Ukraine, Bruce proposed to Tonya and she said ‘Yes’ right away. Surely, she was super surprised and pleasantly shocked. However, both of them felt that such a decision is deliberate and marriage is a very logical step of the development of their love. Bruce said that he understood that Tonya was a love of his life from his first visit. He brought a beautiful ring with him and made a proposal on the second day.

Plans for the future

Now the couple plans their future together. They want to create a family, take care of each other and make each other happy for the rest of their days. Bruce and Tonya are waiting for a fiancée visa to be ready to make their relations official and never fall apart.

Bruce expresses his gratitude to the Sharman brides’ agency and advises it to expand its border offering the services not only to people who know English. As he says, a language barrier is something special, like an adventure, which additionally helps know each other and support in building stronger relations. There were so many funny situations connected with misunderstanding and difficulties, which made the couple make fun and become even closer. Bruce also appreciates the support and assistance of the agency’s experts, who answered all the questions concerning payments, communication and technical issues. The man and wife-to-be claim Sharman a fabulous agency, which helped them find real love. And their brightly shining eyes prove they are sincerely happy! Bruce and Tonya believe that all their dreams will come true!

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