Why being a cougar is not a good thing for a woman

Have you, as a woman, ever tried to “buy” love? We’re not talking now about the one-night stand (or one-hour paid love) but about the attempts of showering someone with gifts and money to win their attention, time, and body. These, however, as we believe in our matchmaking agency Kharkiv, are nearly the same things. […]

What 5 types of men are likely to cheat on you?

In our Kharkov dating agency, we realize there are various reasons to cheat: boredom, sexual or money interest in another person, lost connection to your partner, being drunk at some party, falling out of love, anger, revenge, unmet needs, low self-esteem, a drinking partner… We know it from our professional Ukrainian matchmaking experience and personal […]

How to build your personal life in another lockdown because of you-know-what virus

Whether it is a complete or just partial lockdown in your country or area, you spend increasingly more time at home. Maybe, even all of your time. We in the Ukrainian matchmaking agency, are too. But even that tiny little virus cannot prevent humankind from dating, creating families, and planning. So, the working-from-home experts of […]

Why summer is the best dating season?

Besides our love to take a vacation in the summertime, we in our Kharkov marriage agency love summer because it simply provides more in-person dating opportunities. In this quick blog post, our experts of Ukraine matchmaking service have composed for you killing reasons why summer is best for dating. Longer days = longer dates. Everyone […]

How to flirt the best over text?

Flirting over text hasn’t gone anywhere. It has become even simpler these days – it’s only enough to type a quick message, powder it on with some flirty emojis, and send – through plain text, in social media, or in a messenger at your discretion. But, as we in the matchmaking agency Ukraine believe, it […]

Got your first date on a video chat? Here are good questions to ask

Virtual (or video) dates have spurred up in 2020-2021 (and we in the Ukrainian matchmaking agency believe this trend won’t go anywhere during 2022-2023, too). So since more dates shift to video calls through various messengers (including first ones), our Kharkov dating agency experts have composed a list of suitable questions for such a format. […]

Signs that someone is emotionally unavailable. So run

We’ve witnessed so many times during our expert work in the matchmaking agency Kharkiv that couples are falling apart because one or both in a couple are emotionally unavailable. Otherwise, this could be defined as scarce, being secretive, distanced, detached… All of these wonderfully describe a condition when a person isn’t ready to start or […]

Want to text your ex during a Coronavirus pandemic? That might be not a good idea

Are you thinking of sending a text or calling your ex while sitting quarantined, locked in 4 falls? Whatever fancy those walls were, you might feel lonely, depressed, and generally “unwilling to die alone”. And if you’re inspired by an idea of returning to your ex to sit in the house or apartment all those […]

Does the height of a partner matter in dating?

We in our matchmaking agency in Kharkiv continue to make you acquainted with interesting facts and knowledge that might someday play a crucial role in the development of your relationships. Our Kharkov marriage agency specialists have prepared for you another article, researching how height affects relations and desires of people. We’ve scanned through tonnes of […]

Why do single women go for bad guys (instead of choosing “good” ones)?

As professional Ukrainian matchmaking specialists, we’ve been asked over and over again about the types of men that are good for women. Most often, we’re asked about it irrelatively of the personal traits and characteristics of a particular person. Although there is no one-sulution-fits-all, as we strongly believe in our matchmaking agency Ukraine, there are […]