I spotted the profile of Daria routinely viewing others from the matchmaking catalog of Ukrainian ladies. She attracted me with a serious look in her eyes. It was something in every her picture that made me want to meet her in person, to hear her voice, to feel her touch. Not the last role in […]


Eva is such a Biblical name! But it is also one of the most beautiful names on Earth. I am happy to live with Eva, soon-to-be-my-wife. We are planning our wedding for 2 months already. And I can’t imagine living without her. It’s especially hard to believe that just 1.5 years ago, we didn’t know […]


I am married to Hannah for 4 years. And I must tell you – these four years have brought me more happiness than 31 years did before I met her. I must thank for my overwhelming happiness to Katya Soroka – she is the most reasonable and serious matchmaker of all whom I met. During […]


There are women, with whom you make friends for years but you really don’t see them as wives. And there are those, which you immediately understand you want to love, have kids from, and spend your life with to its very last second… Veronica is just such. I met her at a personal matchmaking agency’s […]


I genuinely don’t understand folks who spend time for Asians when there are so many truly adorable Europeans! I met my Sofia when I was looking for someone really serious about marriage. She was simply my type and I loved everything about her (although she was brunette, not a blond as I wanted but that’s […]


I addressed Kateryna Soroka’s personal matchmaking agency to find a good wife by recommendation of my colleague Jack. I trust Jack in this because he showed me pictures of his friends who invited him to a grill party on one of the weekends – a family couple, where the wife was from Ukraine. She was […]


I was never hiding from women – vice versa, in fact, I was always surrounded by female attention. But that did not make me find “the one”, who’d fit for marriage. In my 27, I was completely ready to create a family but there was not a single real ‘wife material’ in my circle. In […]


I’d like to thank Sharman agency’s dating site for serious relationship for its professional help! It was my first experience with matchmaking services, so I felt like a little wet puppy. Experts assisted me from the very beginning. They helped me start communicating with 2 women who were 22 and 25 year old. The first […]


Being a 55-year-old widower, I almost lost my hope for happiness. Long depression made me look older and feel nothing but apathy. My close friends insisted to try matchmaking even though I was strongly against the idea of any kind of dating through the site for dating and communication. I was surprised to find women […]


I used to be very skeptical about long-distance relations, various agencies, and girl dating sites. I came here on a dating site without registration just because my mate and I had a bet. I didn’t expect that things could change so fast. I found a woman and we started talking. I’ve never met anyone I […]