18 February 2022

I was never hiding from women – vice versa, in fact, I was always surrounded by female attention. But that did not make me find “the one”, who’d fit for marriage. In my 27, I was completely ready to create a family but there was not a single real ‘wife material’ in my circle.

In a while, I started to search online on specialized websites, where women were eager to find someone to marry. I spend 2 months on searches of women in Phoenix, my hometown. No good result for me. Then I broadened to the entire US. A few meetings within 6 months… They all were not a good match for me for various reasons. Then I’ve decided to skip the US and – more out of curiosity at first – Googled for women in Russia. I found a website sharman-family.com filled with very beautiful girls. I stayed there, finding so many intelligent and really attractive options for me.

Although this is a closed-access type of website, after some pondering and hesitation, I’ve decided to give it a try. And you know what? There gave me full information about 10 ladies very soon! I really couldn’t choose among them – they were all so gorgeous! After I picked three, I met them all in their native cities (turned out, they lived in Ukraine), making 1 large visit to their country. That was 2 weeks ago. Two of the three were so fine for me that I cannot choose between them. I literally cannot sleep, I love them both, Olga and Liza! Gosh, why there are so many beautiful women in Ukraine?!