18 February 2022

I genuinely don’t understand folks who spend time for Asians when there are so many truly adorable Europeans! I met my Sofia when I was looking for someone really serious about marriage. She was simply my type and I loved everything about her (although she was brunette, not a blond as I wanted but that’s so nonsense!). I was lucky to find her on the website, which I found first by googling among many. Then I read so many positive pieces of feedback about it so it was simply stupid not to give it a try.

Sofia immediately drew my attention – visually, intellectually, emotionally… We spent a long time speaking on Skype. In several months, I invited her to come to my city, Chelmsford (near London, the UK). And now I’m writing this short review of my story of happiness while looking at Sofia as she’s calmly sleeping in my bed… I’m happy!