9 July 2020

Being a 55-year-old widower, I almost lost my hope for happiness. Long depression made me look older and feel nothing but apathy. My close friends insisted to try matchmaking even though I was strongly against the idea of any kind of dating through the site for dating and communication. I was surprised to find women of various ages here. Moreover, the majority of them turned out to be very attractive to me. Sharman specialists helped a lot and selected suitable profiles for me to start communicating. After a few tries, I met Svetlana. It was so strange to find someone able to understand me after I lost my wife. We support our relations and regularly talk to each other on Skype. Svetlana introduced her kids to me (they are grown-ups already), and they were very friendly! I invited her to visit me on New Year as she told me she’d have holidays during that time. Our relations are quite calm and mature, it is not that mad love we could have in our youth. We’re more like friends but this is what I really need now. I’m glad that I agreed to try matchmaking because now I know that I’m not alone anymore. I’d like to thank Sharman dating site for relationships and the team working for me for their patience and assistance.