18 February 2022

Eva is such a Biblical name! But it is also one of the most beautiful names on Earth. I am happy to live with Eva, soon-to-be-my-wife. We are planning our wedding for 2 months already. And I can’t imagine living without her. It’s especially hard to believe that just 1.5 years ago, we didn’t know anything about each other. What brought us together is the matchmaking website, which offers men from all over the world to find a beauteous wife from one of the ex-USSR countries. They are all so much more flamboyant than Asians! And they’re definitely more liberated than stiff Europeans.

Eva is one of the best girls I’ve ever seen in my life. She stands several heads above every local girl that I know in what’s called the quality of “wife material”. And we’ve already picked names for our three future children!