18 February 2022

There are women, with whom you make friends for years but you really don’t see them as wives. And there are those, which you immediately understand you want to love, have kids from, and spend your life with to its very last second… Veronica is just such. I met her at a personal matchmaking agency’s website, which I visited following the advertising banner. The site is packed with women from Ukraine and Russia. They all dramatically differ from Americans to the best – wonderful skin, great hair, model-like faces, and high education!

Speaking to Veronica on chat and in the video was nothing challenging as she speaks English fine. I fell in love with her laughter, sonorous like a small lively river in a forest. When she smiled, her brisk eyes sparkled and she threw her head back in such an effortless gesture that it was impossible to resist her feminine nature! Now, her face is everything I see in my daydreams and when I sleep at night. Today, I’m asking her whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. And I’m doing it on my third visit to Lviv, her hometown in Ukraine.