Top 5 reasons why you can’t find love

14 July 2021

Are you still single and wonder why? Here are the top reasons defined by our executive matchmaking services agency, which might affect your life, causing loneliness by repelling potential partners.

  • You set too unrealistic standards.

Do you actually want someone, who’s tall, beautiful, blonde, has a great fit body, loves kids and travel, has a successful video blog on YouTube, financially independent, has a great sense of humor, has a car, house, yacht, and who loves hot sex 6 times a week? If that’s what shall definitely be combined in one person, you might never end your searches. Decide, which of these demands are really important for you and make sure only a few of them are set as criteria, whilst others are defined as ‘nice to have’ options. In this case, you won’t be writing people off for nothing.

  • You don’t have confidence.

In the world of people, a lot of life situations demand self-representation, which requires some degree of confidence. If you can’t present yourself to people around you with confidence, not only you won’t be able to find relations but even a good job or gain really nice friends.

  • You are drawn to people, which aren’t yours.

Many of our social relations don’t have continuations or aren’t what they’re expected to be. Sometimes, we cling to people who aren’t our match or do not have anything in common with our system of values. We might simply pick them because they are beautiful, wealthy, powerful, or attractive in another way. You have to train an ability to recognize such ‘not-yours’ people.

  • You’re not allowing yourself to plunge into real intimacy.

If you’re keeping all your partners on distance from you, not allowing yourself to fully open and not embracing their openness, not experiencing moments of sweet intimacy in your feelings, thoughts, dreams, and other things, people won’t stay around for too long.

  • You’re not really trying to get closer to people.

A lot of potential partners may be around you but, aside from high standards, you might not really want to work in the direction of making someone your partner, even if provided to you by a matchmaker agency. While some relations might ignite on their own, most part of them actually requires efforts from both partners. If you’re not trying hard enough, people might see a lack of interest on your side and simply coul off in their feelings towards you.

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