Не секрет, що будь-яка жінка цінує увагу, тому вразити її за допомогою нашого списку подарунків неважко. Заціни! Ми доставимо будь-яке замовлення протягом 5 днів.

Surprise a lady with an immaculate fruit basket with a tender bowknot! The fruits in the set are shown in the picture but they can be replaced with seasonal ones or others at your request.
A lovely fruit basket
120 Euro
Show the sweetness of your emotions to a girl! Present her a large fruit basket, supplemented with a bottle of alcohol that she prefers (or, if you don’t know what’s to her liking, simply opt for champagne or wine).
A lovely fruit basket + a bottle of nice wine
145 Euro
We don’t know people who wouldn’t like a massage! After this pleasant procedure, the entire body is relaxed, rejuvenated, and smooth thanks to essential oils used. 1.5 hours of fantastic pleasure! * If the girl is abroad, the price may be slightly changed.
A SPA/massage certificate
90 Euro
This is a fluffy symbol of your love, which a lady can hold in her hands thinking of you. A gentle toy, with which everyone can show affection!
A middle-sized bear
68 Euro
A combination of white and blue color with seasonal greenery is a gentle reminder of your feelings, which are yet fragile but already significant.
A bouquet "Ivory"
120 Euro
Giving such a flamboyantly looking bouquet to a lady, you show your strong feelings, which are already blossoming. This is a stout combination of colors, which tell about your confidence.
A bouquet "Passionate tenderness"
125 Euro
This is a powerful combination of flowers, which reveal many things at the same time: the seriousness of your feelings, their purity and strength, as well as your striving for nice gifts coupled with great esthetical taste.
A bouquet "Romantic Sweetness"
115 Euro
Aren’t sure whether she loves sweets? Then presenting her a set of passionately red flowers and good wine or champagne is what every lady will appreciate! The composition’s impression is strengthened with a wicker basket. * If the girl is abroad, the price may be slightly changed.
Flower + wine set
90 Euro
Giving this to her, you can underscore care for her appearance. Also, ladies adore such gifts, which add to their beauty! After the salon procedures (which you can choose to your or her taste), she will be much more thrilled about getting to know you better!
A beauty salon certificate
90 Euro
Conquering a heart of a lady with a nice cake is a straightway to success when we’re talking about Slavic ladies. Every woman, no matter how rigidly she watches after her weight, would love to have at least a bite of yummy cake of high quality!
A cake is never superfluous 😉
80 Euro
Impress her with positive emotions from a lovely new movie! It is so important today to have lots of nice emotions – it is especially so when you’re pursuing a girl’s heart! You can have this gift delivered to her hands when you’re away or use it during a personal meeting with a girl in her city.
2 tickets to a movie
80 Euro
This is the most classic combination of all gifts! And you know that classic never fades! So give it to her to say you’re a solid man who sticks with effectiveness yet not forgetting about being romantic. The gift includes 5 roses and a big box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
Red roses + chocolate candies box
100 Euro
Everyone loves secrets, especially girls who receive secret gifts! This present can be absolutely any, at a man’s discretion – from a bauble, like a candy box, to a 2-week sea vacation on the best resort of Mediterranean or even bigger! Choose anything that would impress a girl to your liking and budget.
A secret gift
100 Euro
This is some serious gift here. By buying a ring for someone, you show your deep interest and crush into her. At your or the girl’s discretion, this can be a ring with Swarovski crystals or one sold by Pandora. The cheque from a jewelry store is reported to you.
A Swarovski/Pandora ring
150 Euro
Saying about your love with a Teddy Bear, which is a symbol of nice warm feelings, and a flower, which is a symbol of passion, is a great combination.
1 rose + a medium-sized bear
85 Euro
A set of roses + macaroons will not only reveal your tenderness and the ability to conquer the hearts of ladies with what they love the most but also show you as a thinking person, who knows how to combine sweetness and beauty in one set.
A Rose Angel
99 Euro
Win a lady’s heart without the rest with an amazing Pandora’s hand bracelet or pick another producer to your liking and budget. The cheque from a jewelry store is reported to you.
Pandora’s hand bracelet
120 Euro
Do you know what fragrance she loves? Then definitely, this is the best present, as when a girl names perfumes, she wants someone to buy them for her. Do you want to be that guy who will be bathing in the ocean of her gratitude?
75 ml perfume
180 Euro
She will blossom and reinvigorate under the look of a professional camera. A photographer will make a session of pictures in most Instagrammable locations in one of the biggest Ukrainian or Russian cities and will send them to you as a report to a presenter of this wonderful gift.
A professional street photoshoot
100 Euro
Pictures from an indoor photoshoot can have a broad range of themes and a high degree of passion that a lady will be ready to invest in the set. The same as in the street photoshoot, you will see the results of this amazing gift when it’s ready.
A professional photoshoot indoors
150 Euro

Не секрет, що будь-якій жінці подобаються подарунки, квіти і милі речі. Вони можуть вразити її і розтопити її серце. Експерти сайту знайомств для серйозних стосунків агентства Sharman знають, чого хоче кожна жінка. Ми розуміємо їхні смаки, уподобання та можемо підібрати ідеальний подарунок для будь-якої жінки (та радимо вибрати один чи декілька). Наша служба доставки для спілкування та побачень працюватиме на вас і дозволить вам обом насолоджуватися результатами. Ви леді навряд чи очікуєте отримати щось від вас, коли ви так далеко. Здивуйте її одним із наших подарунків:

  • Квіти (у більшості випадків ми рекомендуємо троянди, оскільки ці червоні квіти справляють враження найглибшої прихильності)
  • Шоколадні цукерки (якщо вона ласун, надішліть своїй дівчині шоколад найвищої якості)
  • Іграшки (милий ведмедик стане для неї чудовим нагадуванням про вас)
  • Кошики з фруктами (свіжі екзотичні фрукти – це те, що оцінить будь-яка дівчина)
  • Парфуми (запах завжди викликає щось особливе, хвилюючі спогади).

Ви можете самостійно підібрати кольори, кількість подарунків і композиції, щоб зробити свій подарунок особливим і показати, що ви хочете зустрітися для серйозних стосунків.

Час доставки

Вас точно цікавить час, необхідний для доставки вашого подарунка. Ми розуміємо, що жінки, які хочуть заміжжя, не люблять чекати надто довго. Вони можуть втратити інтерес. Тому ми зробили все можливе, щоб доставка була швидкою. Ми гарантуємо, що це займе не більше 5 днів.