Want to text your ex during a Coronavirus pandemic? That might be not a good idea

5 November 2021

Are you thinking of sending a text or calling your ex while sitting quarantined, locked in 4 falls? Whatever fancy those walls were, you might feel lonely, depressed, and generally “unwilling to die alone”. And if you’re inspired by an idea of returning to your ex to sit in the house or apartment all those days during another wave of quarantine limitations, which are jeopardizing the world again in late 2021, just like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis did, you, probably, should not. And here is why, according to our experts of Kharkov dating agency.

  1. Your ex is an ex for a reason. Was he or she drinking a lot, which was the reason for your breakup? Cheating on you, maybe? Had too low income, ineffective emotional bound? Or other important reasons why they have become your ex? Although we in the Ukrainian matchmaking service completely share your emotions (that’s why we try to improve the world with our daily work), still, this is a bad idea to find solace. What will change when you’re sitting together again on the same couch? Won’t you quarrel again because of the same things, feeling devastated, going nowhere, and even more lonely? The only good idea to consider returning, as we believe in dating agency Ukraine, is when at least one of you has significantly changed for the time you’ve spent not together. Preferably, both. So, did you grow more mature and emotionally stable, deal with your bad habits, or significantly improve in a way to consider the reconciliation?
  2. Aren’t you having a better option? Look around you! There is a lot of fish in the pond! Why stop yourself from developing? Aren’t there many good people around? If you can’t lock yourself with someone really nice to sit through quarantine, then, maybe, there are other options? Talk on video & textual chats with people. Buy Oculus or another VR to meet them in virtual reality, where you can be anyone, really. Start sending one another paper love letters (that is so romantic and vintage!). In other words, make your blood run the veins fast again and evade your ex being on your focus.

According to the professional opinion of the experts of our matchmaking agency Ukraine, the only feasible reason why you should return to your ex on quarantine is if you’ve broken up because of the physical distance that was between you. When one of you went to work/study far, for instance. And, if they’re now returning to your city, yes – this is a major possibility!