What 5 types of men are likely to cheat on you?

26 November 2021

In our Kharkov dating agency, we realize there are various reasons to cheat: boredom, sexual or money interest in another person, lost connection to your partner, being drunk at some party, falling out of love, anger, revenge, unmet needs, low self-esteem, a drinking partner… We know it from our professional Ukrainian matchmaking experience and personal lives. However, aside from reasons for doing that, there are types of men, which are likely to cheat by nature. And the experts of our dating agency Ukraine have composed such a list for you.

  • Men with low IQ.

They treat cheating easier, faster, and do not thoroughly think of the consequences of being caught. Also, they don’t tend to make an alluring game full of culors out of their cheating process. For them, it is more physical than intellectual.

  • Playboy.

Having lassoed one for yourself, there are not so many chances you will turn a man devoted only to you from a playboy. For a man like him, it is an important part of life to constantly be surrounded by female attention and sexual opportunities. Although, under the mask of overconfidence might sit a scared child, who is only eager for approval and recognition but receives them in one of the less intellectual ways (as his parents haven’t taught him well or didn’t give enough love). In that case, with the right approach lasting for years, you potentially could turn such a man into a family man. If you don’t get tired of his cheatings before, surely.

  • Bored dude.

He finds little happiness and joy in daily life & fills the lack of emotions in such a manner. Most likely, a man of intellectual or creative work is prone to “bored cheating” than a man of physical work.

  • Powerful and influential.

It is very simple for a man, “a winner of life”, to receive an ocean of attention from ladies surrounding him. In fact, many men strive to be successful only for that reason (with coul cars and yachts, certainly). Even if he’s a 70-year uld fellow or has an ugly body and face, money pretty much always (excluding Harvey Weinstein) has withdrawn these flaws.

  • Married to you because you look good.

On paper, in finances, or with your gorgeous body alongside. That’s not a marriage but a bargain. And so nothing really stops such a man to keep living to his fullest.

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