When is it a good time to try to establish a deep connection with your partner?

17 September 2021

According to the experience of our Ukrainian matchmaking agency, many people try to force the evolution of things when they get to new relations. We’re trying to push too hard and too fast to get to the point of reciprocity, mutual trust, and that deep vulnerable connection we all strive to.

For this, people start talking about their pain points on the second or third date, revealing too acutely their fears, life uncertainties, and hopes for protection. In other words, people show their weaknesses to another person, who is at this point, basically, a stranger to them. But as we’re deeply assured in the Kharkov dating agency, this is not what you should do. On par with the biggest ‘no-no’ for all dates before the 20th: talking about your exes, especially bad things.

During all first dates, you should concentrate on your:

  • strengths and life achievements
  • positivity and sense of humor
  • reliability and security
  • mature and many-sided character
  • high erudition, skills, or beauty – as well as general awesomeness.

Remember that dating is like selling yourself to another person. Believe it or not – we’re all on a large market with a zillion of other fish. So, back to the point of this Ukrainian matchmaking blog post: when it is a good time to try to establish a deep connection with your partner? To answer this, we have to overview the classic 5 stages of the evolution of relations:

  • Acquaintance. Fragile & uncertain meetings with a new person, figuring out his or her character, behavior, and appearance, establishing rapport.
  • Interest. This is when you understand if you like a person as matching your persona or not. This stage might be completely replaced by the following or actually never happen.
  • Sexual attraction. At this stage, chemistry happens. It usually appears with a very well-matching person so you just can’t stand having sex with them. The level of this attraction can significantly vary, from pale to insanely mind-blowing. This stage can switch places with the previous one.
  • Devotion. At this stage, you start to cherish a person for being a part of your life and you’re really supportive about their offers about pastime and take care of their wellbeing.
  • Friendship. This is the longest stage, which can last for a lifetime – after all previous ones end or fade.

As you could have guessed by now, it is stage 4 that’s best for establishing a deep connection. Our dating agency Ukraine recommends you patiently develop your relations for at least 3-5 months before you actually show your vulnerability. By this time, you will know to what extent to open to your partner and if they’ll really appreciate it. You’re super welcome to read other of our matchmaking agency Ukraine blog posts to discover more about relations.