Why being a cougar is not a good thing for a woman

30 November 2021

Have you, as a woman, ever tried to “buy” love? We’re not talking now about the one-night stand (or one-hour paid love) but about the attempts of showering someone with gifts and money to win their attention, time, and body. These, however, as we believe in our matchmaking agency Kharkiv, are nearly the same things. While the first is called prostitution and is illegal in most parts of the world, the second is quite legal and called “cougaring”, after women, who are called “cougars”.

In this article, the experts of our matchmaking agency in Ukraine share, why being a cougar seems miserable from the human point of view.

Firstly, you keep exploiting the thought that women are too available. Although it is you who buy man’s “time” (let’s call it like that), you remain emotionally bound to men, as if you really can’t find a decent person for the one like you. Even though you might keep telling yourself you simply don’t have enough time for “normal” relations or finding someone decent, this can’t be a valid excuse for such a form of “legal prostitution”.

Secondly, this is not a flattening label. Do you really want smebody of your serious business partners or relatives to find out you’re a cougar? This might erode your image and harm your business.

Thirdly, as we’re assured in the matchmaking agency in Kharkiv, this might give you a false set of expectations and diverted self-esteem. Supporting such relations for a long enough time, you might gain false assuredness that it would always be like this no matter what (or how rich you are, although your ‘boy’ might tell you completely sweet things in the bed). Immediately after stopping giving your ‘boy’ money, you’re stopping your relations, which leaves you brokenhearted at least.

Fourthly, don’t you think it is a waste of money? We aren’t sure how much money did Demi Moore spend on Ashton Kutcher but, considering the price tag of the gifts she gave, that must be a ton. And a physical tonne if you put them in dollar bills one on top of the other. Honestly, many real women are far from being Demi Moore. But cougars amongst them keep spending dollar bills on their young Ashton Kutchers. Before Ashton leaves to a much younger Mila Kunis…

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